Democrats Are ‘Fearful’ Of Republicans Running For Office In The 2022 Midterms

To assume that the January 6 Capitol Riot was the fault of any politician would be incorrect. For those who watched the entire thing take place, it’s clear that former President Donald Trump and other politicians didn’t have any part in escalating tensions between those who attended Trump’s rally. None of them had anything to do with anyone entering the Capitol building. Period. No evidence suggests otherwise, and don’t take Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) doctored “evidence” to heart whatsoever.

It still doesn’t stop the Democrats, including Liz Cheney (R-WY), from painting a false narrative of what happened on January 6, 2021.

Keith Olbermann tweeted:

Olbermann may be upset at how long it’s taken for a lot of the “facts” to come out from the January 6 Commission, but he has to understand that there’s not much for them to go on. After the Federal Bureau of Investigations clearly said that there was little to no evidence suggesting an organized effort to storm the Capitol, it may have been the FBI informants and agents who caused the entire mess in the first place. In turn, that would cause the Democrat party and the FBI to blame everyone else but themselves for the riot that ensued. To take legal action would expose the truth, and Democrats and the FBI aren’t very good at that.

In his rant, Olbermann said “racists” and “gun-fetish psychos” “pointing at Republicans who are against the Democrats’ narrative. At no point has there ever been proof of that whatsoever. A love for guns doesn’t make someone a psycho. If that were the case, Colion Noir would be the psycho he’s speaking of, and I don’t think Noir is a racist, either. If that’s how Olbermann wants to address Noir, then Olbermann is the real racist.

The rest of the rant can be found on Olbermann’s Twitter account.

Olbermann seems angry with himself and his party as he says, “And they’re not even the real problem. We are.” That’s a jab at his party for not taking action. The real problem is with the narrative. The Democrats can’t control themselves or the top levels of leadership anymore, and it’s become a real problem for the country. Radicals are in charge of the country, and the best chance to stop it is the 2022 midterm elections. Democrats know this, and that’s why they’re trying to stop Republican Congressional candidates and potential presidential candidates from being eligible for election.

It’s a weak move, and it shows you that the Democrat Party is out of options, and they know that they’re screwed. There’s no doubt a red wave coming in November that can’t be stopped.