Democrats Are Being Slammed by Miami Cubans For Stifling Conservative Voices

For over a year now, the Democrat Party has been taking some serious hits. Democrats worked day and night to get Joe Biden in the White House in 2020; however, this hasn’t rendered the best outcomes for the party.

Current polls show more Republicans with strong support ahead of the midterms than what’s been seen in years. On top of this, Democratic candidates remain bogged down by a president with increasingly high disapproval ratings, both at the national level and across the states.

In states like Florida, Democrats have completely lost their grasp on power. Back in 2021, the GOP in Florida, for the first time in history, managed to get more registered voters than the state’s Democrat Party.

Now, Democrats are under fire in Miami over an underhanded approach to filter out Republican and conservative viewpoints.

Shady Business Practices by the Latino Media Network
The Latino Media Network is a left-wing organization with ties to the likes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It also recently closed on a $60 million agreement to buy out various radio stations that Hispanic people listen to across the nation.

The problem, however, is that radio stations being bought out have audiences in places where Republicans have gained ground with Hispanic voters.

By Latino Media Network buying out these stations, it’s very clear the long-term agenda is to swing momentum back to the Democratic side.

In Miami, though, Cubans have been sounding the alarm against this. Miami Cubans warn they’re extremely clear about the Latino Media Network’s intentions, despite the organization’s promise to acknowledge “political nuances” within the Latino community.

Florida Republicans, such as Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), the Cuban American House delegation, and others are vowing to fight back against the Latino Media Network.

All Too Familiar
Many Cubans in Miami today are all too aware of the dangers associated with communism. Unfortunately, much of what the Democrat Party stands for today is reminiscent of what present-day Cubans or their family members of the past were forced to deal with.

This is one huge reason why the Latino Media Network’s work to buy out these radio stations isn’t going over so well.

Finally, it’s a little too convenient that Latino Media Network is making its current moves as the Republican Party is making notable gains with Hispanic and Latino people across the nation.