Democrats Admit to Wanting Harris Over Biden In 2024 Election

President Biden

Fox News’ Madeleine Rivera reports that practically every branch of government she’s hearing from are concerned about President Biden’s mental health. Following Biden’s recent debate with former President Trump, pressure has grown for Biden to leave the race.

Fox News has confirmed that multiple House committee Democrats have openly expressed skepticism on if Biden was up for the task of challenging former President Trump again in 2024.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) held a virtual meeting with ranking Democrats on House panels Sunday afternoon. On the call, sources said most Democrats suggested that Biden should step down and there was a consensus forming around Harris being a potential successor as Vice President.

Supporters of Harris for President include Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-N. Y.), Mark Takano (D-CA), Don Beyer (D-VA), and Adam Smith (D-WA).

After the meeting, Beyer issued a statement:

“I support President Biden. I support the Biden-Harris ticket, and look forward to helping defeat Donald Trump in November,” the representative said. “I was proud to host an event this week in Northern Virginia with the President, and will continue doing all I can to support the Biden-Harris campaign in Virginia and across the country.”

The session was called after a 22-minute interview Biden did with ABC News on Friday, an appearance that marked the Biden campaign’s effort to assuage questions about whether he is both prepared for the coming general election and capable of defeating Donald Trump.

Still, the interview only stoked anxiety among Democrats who were already exceedingly nervous about that lackluster performance in the first debate by Biden.

ABC News chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl had a brutal assessment after the interview, saying: “Look, Biden looked better and certainly more coherent than he looked during the debate, but there’s nothing in this interview that is calming the nerves of jittery Democrats who fear that Joe Biden is on a trajectory to lose this race, to lose to Donald Trump.”

Biden, however, struck a defiant tone, saying at one point that he would not drop out unless “the Lord Almighty were to come down and say, ‘Joe, get outta the race.'”