Democratic NJ Governor Tells Conservatives to ‘Shove Their Thoughts and Prayers’

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) renewed his push for more gun control legislation on Monday, and attacked conservatives in the process.

Following a weekend of gun violence in Buffalo, New York, and several other cities across the country, Murphy went off on an emotional rant against gun violence, gun rights advocates, and conservatives in general, telling them to “shove their thoughts and prayers” where the sun doesn’t shine.

According to the governor, it’s apparently impossible to genuinely mourn the loss of life from a violent attack while also supporting the Second Amendment rights of Americans.

“Cue the expected and pitiful expressions of thoughts and prayers from those held so powerfully in the grip of the gun lobby,” Murphy said during a media event in Hackensack in response to the race-based mass shooting in Buffalo, where an 18-year-old white supremacist killed ten innocent black people at a Tops supermarket and wounded three others.

The governor then went on to lump all conservatives into one group that espouses the so-called “Replacement Theory,” which argues that minorities are “replacing” white people in the United States.

“And as it pertains to Buffalo, cue the hurried backpedaling from the right-wing talking heads and politicians who have so freely and openly peddled the garbage ‘replacement conspiracy’ — I can’t bring myself to call it a theory — and who can’t possibly believe that the words they’ve poisoned our airwaves and rotted our civic dialogue with could actually come home to roost,” Murphy said.

“I think every single one of them knows where they can shove their thoughts and prayers,” he added.

The governor then went on to say that “it is well past time for outrage and action” and called on Congress to “step up and pass real nationwide gun safety legislation.”

Murphy also expressed concern over an impending Supreme Court decision that may expand the right to self-defense for individuals in blue states with restrictions on the Second Amendment. In the case, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen, justices will decide whether a New York law that effectively prohibits residents from receiving a concealed carry license for self-defense is constitutional.

The Supreme Court decision is expected to significantly impact gun laws nationwide.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, Murphy hopes to pass radical gun control legislation that would “change how firearm owners in the state are required to store their guns, ban the future sales of .50 caliber guns in the state, increase the age people can buy shotguns and rifles in the state from 18 to 21, and mandate gun dealers in the state keep logs of ammunition sales, among other moves,” according to

Of course, critics with knowledge of crime statistics and gun laws that are already in place have asserted that the new legislation — like almost every gun control proposal pushed by the left in the aftermath of shooting tragedies — would do little or nothing to stem violence. Instead, they would only put a greater burden on law-abiding gun owners, making it more difficult for them to defend themselves and others.