Democrat Strategist Has An ‘Ominous Warning’ For His Party In 2022

The 2022 midterm election is going to be “lit,” as the kids would say. But seriously, it’s going to be an exciting turn of events. Americans are getting sick and tired of President Joe Biden and his administration’s lies and unconstitutional policies, and the Democrats know it. They see it on social media platforms and public places where Biden is booed, especially when left-wing media outlets hammer Biden.

CNN has even started questioning some things Biden is doing. Not with the Covid-19 vaccine, but at least they’re seeing the withdrawal from Afghanistan and taking a second look at how Biden’s administration went about it and why it failed so miserably.

With the 2022 mid-term election seeming so close, yet so far, Democrats are worried, and Republicans are ramping up their voices and starting to dig in deep. Biden’s poll numbers are under 40%, and the Supreme Court has struck down his policies, and they’re likely going to continue to do so. What seemed like a reasonable elderly gentleman running for president to unite the country has turned out to be a wanna-be tyrant that cares nothing about individual rights and freedoms. May his conversations with Xi Jinping at the G7 Summit be more of a grab at personal strategy than political theatre. Biden did hand over Afghanistan to the Chinese government. Antony Blinken is more worried about diversity in the Taliban leadership than they’re murdering women and raping children.

When you look at the separation of powers in the political realm, the forefathers got it right. There’s no reason to have a political majority in the Senate, House, and Presidency. It allows for abuse of power, especially when passing massive spending bills that affect U.S. citizen’s tax dollars and a rise in inflation. Not only that, but when one political party rules over others, you get a giant swing back to the other side when they go too far, which can also be detrimental for a more extended period. Democrats with Republican oversight can primarily handle social issues, while Republicans can handle defense and spending issues with Democratic oversight. It’s a perfect match for each party to get part of what they want from their elected officials.

Douglas Schoen, a Democrat strategist, said that Biden is much weaker than his former Democrat predecessors Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. Let’s be honest, though, Clinton was more focused on interns than he was on political policy.

Schoen said that Obama’s approval rating was 19 points higher than Biden’s at this point in his presidency, and Schoen noted that in 1994 and 2010 that Democrats lost seats in the House and Senate because of massive spending bills, just like we see now. This time around, it’s a heavier burden with Covid-19 mandates that will cost businesses employees and revenue and more restrictive measures for unvaccinated Americans. Who knows how many more lawsuits will be filed against the Biden administration because of his actions in future policies, but if he continues to use government agencies like the Center for Disease Control and OSHA, the Supreme Court will undoubtedly strike him down time and time again. I don’t remember seeing OSHA leadership on the election ballot, and the CDC leadership wasn’t either. They should never be making political decisions that affect everyday Americans.