Democrat Priorities And The Needs Of Many Americans Are Far Apart, As Byron York And Stephen Miller Point Out

Democrats have a way of disregarding the public’s desires and pushing whatever they want. By a large percent, Americans aren’t even in favor of the massive spending bills that President Joe Biden wants to push through so severely, and if the other parts of the bill, they wouldn’t be either.  

Byron York, the Chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner, said on Twitter, “In 2009, voters’ message could not have been clearer: We care about jobs. Jobs are the most important thing. Democratic majority in Washington pushed Obamacare instead. 2010 midterms were result.”

York then pointed out that Democrats are again ignoring the voices of the people, which will lead to a mid-term shift in the majority.  

The taxes that will come from Biden’s massive spending will hurt Democrats, Republicans, and Independents equally as it’s being pushed for as if the issues inside of the bill will save the country. There’s nothing wrong with allowing the country to regulate before considering spending.  

The Tweet was then “quote tweeted” by Stephen Miller, former Senior Advisor to President Donald Trump, saying, “Today, DC Dems’ top priority is passing a gargantuan socialist spending bill that a) provides amnesty to illegals during history’s worst border crisis b) eliminates statutory green card caps and c) institutionalizes CRT into the federal gov’t through bigoted “Equity” mandates.”  

It is more precise than ever that the United States does not require CRT in the federal government. While the Democrats push their idea that racism is alive and well and that the United States is more racist now than ever, Americans are looking around trying to find it because it simply isn’t. Yet, people are so surprised when Senator Tim Scott says that America isn’t racist.

The border crisis is just another form of socialism that Biden is pumping in. Biden knows that Hispanics vote Democrat more often than Republicans, which is why his massive spending bills provide millions for legal defense for illegal aliens. It’s outrageous, but the Democrats accept it.  

Americans need stability. Biden isn’t giving that. Quite the opposite. Biden could have come in and been a middle-of-the-road president that would bring unity and stability out of the Covid-19 pandemic, but he’s pushing Americans further and further to the brink of destruction. Americans are tired. They’re tired of having a lifestyle that isn’t normal, and they’re tired of having an administration that’s trying to push themselves into their lives. Biden’s administration hopes that Americans will give up, but they don’t realize that the fight has just begun.