Democrat Lawmaker Trashes Americans Blaming Biden for Higher Gas Prices

In America today, the prices of gas are higher than they’ve been for a long time. This is something that’s eating away at Americans’ wallets and making financial stability much harder.

Americans who live paycheck to paycheck or on a fixed budget are especially getting taken to the cleaners by having to pay more money for gas.

Now, the White House wants Americans to believe this is all the fault of Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, conservatives are rightfully noting that the anti-energy policies Biden set in motion last year are now backfiring on the country.

However, Democrats don’t like hearing this. In fact, one Democrat has directly come out and declared that anyone faulting Biden for higher prices of gas is “un-American,” as documented by Fox News.

Rep. Kim Schrier on Americans Blaming Higher Gas Prices on Biden

While speaking with the “unDivided” podcast this week, Schrier put her outrage on full display. The left-wing congresswoman declared that the American public ought to be blaming the president of Russia for higher gas prices in the United States, not our country’s own president.

Later, Schrier claimed that to fault Biden and not Putin is not just “un-American,” but also living outside of reality. She then once again reiterated her view that gas prices in the United States being anywhere from $4 to $6 per gallon is the fault of the Russian president.

As many Americans are very much up to speed on, the congresswoman’s remarks echo those of Biden. The president, too, has been shouting from the rooftops that his Russian counterpart is to blame for higher US gas prices.

Pushback from the American Public

Despite Rep. Schrier lambasting Americans for blaming Biden, not Putin, for high gas rates, many Americans don’t share this view.

In fact, since these remarks on the podcast, Americans have taken to social media to explain why Biden is to blame, rather than the president of Russia.

Critics noted that it is Biden, not Putin, who ripped away the Keystone Pipeline, canceled fracking and stood in the way of oil drilling, all while empowering hostile oil-producing nations to dictate terms to the U.S.

Americans who fault the sitting US president maintain that had Biden not embraced these anti-energy policies, our nation would still be energy independent, as we were when Trump was in office.

Throughout her remarks, Schrier avoided mentioning the impacts of various anti-energy policies that Biden set in motion over a year ago. Her remarks indicate an unwillingness to recognize the connection between those policies and presently high gas prices, along with an unwillingness to accept reality.