Democrat Dodges Question On Biological Males In Women’s Sports

Washington state Democratic congressional candidate Gluesenkamp Perez emphatically dodged providing a direct answer when asked if she supports biological males participating in women’s athletics.

Instead, she shifted her answer to “hormone levels” and asserted it was a “nuanced question.”

Democrats either remain stone silent or twist themselves into pretzels trying to avoid taking a definitive stand on allowing biological males to play in women’s sports. Why? Because the vast majority of Americans see the obvious unfair advantage and destructiveness of these acts.

Perez is locked in a battle with Republican Joe Kent for Washington’s 3rd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

She made an obvious observation by weakly answering that “athletes have all different natural hormone levels.” That is true for every person and hardly a meaningful response to a serious question.

Perez was then asked if she supports so-called “gender-affirming care” for those under 18. Her first response was to claim that she did not understand the question.

It was clarified to mean actions such as prescribing puberty blockers and undergoing sterilization. At that point, the Democrat said such medical procedures should be decided upon by family, not the government.

Kent later posted that Perez claimed to want parents informed of children’s surgical procedures despite Washington state Democrats legislating against this requirement.

There is a stark and meaningful contrast between the two political parties on this key issue. While candidates such as Perez avoid being pinned down on their obvious positions, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is clear on one major stand.

As he said, the GOP policy is that “only women can compete in women’s sports.” This marches hand-in-hand with opposition to countering the madness of minors undergoing radical surgeries such as double mastectomies and genital mutilation.

The goal of protecting women’s athletics from losing its hard-earned progress is clearly in contrast to supporting biological males competing directly with females. Despite her dodge, Perez has a position that is glaringly apparent, and it is out of step with protecting female sports.