Dem Budget Chairman Let’s Slip Truth About Democrat Plans

If anyone thought President Joe Biden’s administration is truthful about budgetary spending, you’re a fool. The trillions of dollars that Democrats want to spend on infrastructure and increasing taxes isn’t where they want to stop. The 2022 midterm elections can’t come soon enough. Only one year to go, but Biden hasn’t even been in office for an entire year. So far, he’s managed to be dishonest about Afghanistan, Covid-19 mandates, Covid-19 breakthrough cases, and now the Democrats spending plan. 

Even Democrats are changing pace on the new tax plan Biden wants to put forward. Whoopie Goldberg quickly realized that the 1% in the United States only makes $400,000 a year. While that is quite a lot of money, it’s much lower than most expected, and many wealthier Americans have second thoughts about their support of Biden.  

Democrat Budget Chairman John Yarmuth told CNN that the federal government’s spending is endless. Sure, that could be true if everyone paid 99% in taxes. Anything is possible. The fact remains that Americans couldn’t afford that tax, and the federal government isn’t strictly responsible for spending.  

The infrastructure bill doesn’t just go to highways and roadways. And it also goes to taking away invasive species of plants on federal land. That hardly seems to be a priority at this point, as Americans are struggling to pay their bills and are getting fired because they choose not to get the Covid-19 vaccine.  

Yarmuth said that Joe Manchin doesn’t understand how the federal government’s monetary spending works. The federal government doesn’t seem to understand that either.  

He also said that when Manchin compared the federal budget against his household, he was incorrect and didn’t understand what the federal government could do.  

“It’s not a question of what we can afford. The federal government can afford anything that it feels it needs it needs to do, and right now that’s what we should be focused on,” is what Yarmuth said to the CNN host. She seemed a bit confused at the statement and began writing something down.  

Is this Yarmuth trying to instill confidence in Americans’ hearts for the federal government’s spending? We’re way past that with this ridiculous proposal of trillions of dollars. 

The main thing that 2020 showed Americans was that their income wasn’t disposable. Even someone who didn’t vote for former President Donald Trump took a look at their bank account and questioned the government moving forward. They saw that the government could end their paycheck at the swipe of a pen, and it made them uncomfortable. Americans have been paying attention to the government’s spending as well and aren’t on board. Yarmuth and Biden can try to blame Manchin if they want to, but it’s still not exactly clear how many other Democrats will be against the bill when it comes to voting. Many have stayed quiet and haven’t revealed what they will vote for.  

Yarmuth has many balls coming out and making such statements for someone with no regard for the tax system and how things will be paid for. The U.S. is more in debt today than ever, and if Biden wanted to pull voters into his corner, he should work toward cutting spending and try to make a positive move toward the U.S. debt. Americans feel that pressure and know that as the debt increases, their taxes will as well, and they aren’t on board with the entirety of the spending. It makes no sense.