David Hogg: ‘We Should Match With Russian Soldiers On Tinder’

David Hogg is back in the spotlight, and he’s suggesting we harass Russian soldiers seriously.

Is the Left oblivious that not everyone is outraged by the internet? Some people love to troll those who try to troll them and find it enjoyable.

Hogg tweeted:

Hogg then posted a link to a “Simple Sabotage Field Manual” from 1944.

Yeah, that’ll work. Call their wives “gals” and “battle axes,” that’ll teach them. That’ll make them wish they never invaded Ukraine.

Hogg continued his rant as if he was the “idea fairy” swooping down from hanging out with the Easter Bunny.

“Match with them on Tinder and other dating apps. Find them on Russian social media. Post a ‘Russian soldier’ on Russian social media about how stupid the war is. Moreover, I’m just trying to think of things more impactful than just posting hashtags.”

Oh, David, you poor, young boy. Hashtags are the way of the left, don’t you know this? #Imwithher, #Metoo, #nevertrumper, whatever floats your boat. The hashtag era has been monumental for making leftists look like idiots, but matching with Russian soldiers on Tinder? That’s the best idea yet.

What does Hogg think we’ll accomplish with “World War Tinder?” Does he think that the Russian soldiers will fall for a Russian soldier that can’t speak Russian? Or a Tinder match that posts pictures from American cities? I mean, come on. It is ridiculous.

Even better, people agree with him. Someone tweeted:

Where was the rational discussion? Did we all miss it?

The other point worth noting is that Russian troops aren’t likely to hook up with strange locals while fighting an army. As weird as the Tinder world is, nobody’s going to bat an eye when a fake account matches with them. It should also be noted that “Russian soldier” isn’t a preferred choice on Tinder, either. This entire idea should be shot in the head.

To Hogg’s credit, the only thing to his credit is his depiction of what combat might be like. Hogg responded to someone who said that troops are unlikely to be on their phones during combat and would probably be on social media. That’s under the assumption that there’s internet access and a phone charger.

They would likely be using social media, but there’s no point in trolling them. Efforts are best kept at home in the United States, where real change can happen. It’s more likely that someone could get their account hacked and information was stolen as well. Please don’t do this.