David Hogg Re-emerges To Remind You That He’s Still Important

School shooting survivor, David Hogg, is still pushing the Democrat narrative on gun control. If Hogg or any other student had a firearm during the shooting in Parkland, Florida then they would have a different view of firearms and could have stopped the incident from happening or continuing. Instead, the left is so focused on taking away firearms from law abiding citizens.

Hogg recently tweeted, “The AR-15 was made to kill humans. Your deer isn’t wearing a kevlar vest. If you need a high capacity magazine you need target practice, not a bigger magazine.”

What Hogg is forgetting is that shooting a deer, which moves, is very different from shooting a target. That’s also assuming that you hit the deer the first time. If not, you’re going to need extra bullets.

The one thing that Hogg got right was that the AR-15 was designed to kill humans. The tactical nature of the firearm is a weapon platform used by the military and law enforcement and is widely available to the public. That’s a good thing. The second amendment isn’t about hunting and to assume it is, is ignorant.

The tweet came after Hogg visited the White House to help rollout new gun control measures. Biden’s administration is cracking down on “Ghost guns” which they seem to think is causing gun violence across the nation. Firearms will find their way into the hands of criminals no matter how many laws are on the books stopping them, but the goal isn’t to regulate the criminal as much as it is to regulate the legal gun owner.

The reason for this legislation is to track you and your firearms. The Fact Sheet that was released by the White House says, “Because ghost guns lack the serial numbers marked on other firearms, law enforcement has an exceedingly difficult time tracing a ghost gun found at a crime scene back to an individual purchaser.”

This is a scapegoat for leftist politicians to blame rising crime on an object rather than blaming their failed policies.

The legislation clearly isn’t an attempt to ban the “Ghost guns” because there’s a provision in the legislation that allows pawn shops and federally licensed dealers to apply serial numbers on the guns. It says, “For example, if an individual builds a firearm at home and then sells it to a pawn broker or another federally licensed dealer, that dealer must put a serial number on the weapon before selling it to a customer. This requirement will apply regardless of how the firearm was made, meaning it includes ghost guns made from individual parts, kits, or by 3D-printers.”

So, the Biden administration isn’t suggesting this is to protect anyone, but to make sure the federal government is aware that your firearms are tracked in their system.