Dangerous Drug Combination Is Turning Philadelphia Into A City Of Zombies

Like the opening scene of your favorite zombie movie, Philadelphia is being hit with a new drug called “Tranq Dope,” which turns people into zombie-like beings that move slowly and seem out of control of their bodies.

It seems that the drug has affected the homeless population greater than anyone else, and the question remains; why do drug dealers want to kill their clients?

The more dangerous drugs get, the more people seem to crave them. Fentanyl is a great example. The drug has caused overdoses, and it’s now being found in cocaine that has killed many Los Angeles comedians and negatively affected others.

The real problem is the southern border. Drug traffickers from Mexico and other parts of the world have flocked the border and brought drugs with them. When the drugs hit the street, many drug dealers don’t know the contents of the drugs and distribute them to anyone with the cash flow that fits their needs. President Joe Biden’s administration has created a vortex of chaos, and it’s not done. The drugs are just now getting to the streets, and the stronger the drug, the more people pay. When one drug no longer gives the user craves effect, the cheaper and stronger option will hit the market, and it’s beginning to kill more and more people. Now, drugs include an animal tranquilizer, xylazine, attributed to a third of Philadelphia’s overdoses. It is just the beginning.

Usually, one part of the country will be affected by a bad batch of drugs then it spreads. Just as individual communities can track bad sets of drugs by monitoring the overdose count of the weekend, these instances can be traced in different parts of the country and followed back.

Democrat policies have caused a rise in drug activity across the nation and allowed leniency to enter the stage when convicting dealers. Drug dealers know they’ll be shown mercy in court when they’re caught because recidivism isn’t something states want to represent in their penal system. But, if you walk onto the steps of the Capitol on January 6th, 2021, you’ll be imprisoned and held by the federal government until they see fit for you to leave. It doesn’t seem like a statistical anomaly any more, but a new way of life. The more you get caught, the less you see a prison cell, but if you disagree with the Democrats and they can hold you as a puppet for their political gain, you’ll never see the light of day again.

Instead of focusing on the Covid-19 vaccine and the spread of the Covid-19 virus, maybe some attention could be given to drug rehab incentives and community-based intervention programs. But Biden knows that his border policy has caused this increase in harmful drug activity, and if you admit there’s a problem, you have to fix it. Maybe the Covid-19 vaccine would lower the risk of an overdose just like it should be the main focus of businesses? I bet if Biden said that, Facebook wouldn’t flag it as misinformation then.