Danger: Big Tech Is Working With The Biden Administration

For years on end, big tech censorship has been a problem. Yet, this problem continues to grow and become more dangerous in the present day.

During the 2020 presidential election, big tech knowingly censored the story of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop. This laptop implicated Hunter and his family in all sorts of crimes. However, censoring this story back in 2020 and writing it off as foreign propaganda aided Joe Biden.

Since the Biden administration’s time in office, it has been working arm-in-arm with big tech in order to censor views the White House doesn’t like. Months ago, former White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed this.

In real time, evidence continues to emerge, proving that big tech is joining forces with the Biden administration to shut down free speech.

What Every American Needs To Know
According to records in a lawsuit from Missouri’s attorney general, the government and American tech companies are thick as thieves when it comes to not just censoring online speech, but also access to information online.

This is well documented by Facebook putting together a form for government officials to flag content they don’t agree with.

Once more, ahead of the 2020 presidential election, the Homeland Security Department and FBI convened with various big tech executives to develop strategies against alleged “misinformation” about the election in general. This was not merely limited to Hunter Biden’s laptop, either.

Before Twitter got purchased by Elon Musk, executives of the company were also caught admitting to censoring conservatives on Twitter and embracing communist values.

When big tech companies collude with the government to determine what people can post about or read online, this carries domestic and international ramifications. One of the most powerful methods of control is cherry picking what individuals are allowed to access.

A Turning of the Tide?
Much to the ire of leftists and other pro-censorship forces, Musk fully completed his purchase of Twitter last month. In now owning and operating this platform, the businessman assures everyone that Twitter will no longer engage in censorship or political bias.

This will definitely leave its mark in the big tech world and in society as a whole. It remains to be seen whether Twitter’s new direction could have ripple effects, thereby changing how big tech companies approach free speech rights.