Dan Rather Questions Motives Behind Changes At CNN

Disgraced former CBS news reporter and so-called journalist Dan Rather sent out a tweet questioning the motives behind the sudden but long-coming changes being made at CNN.

Rather, a radical progressive who has lost a significant amount of his credibility over his Trump Derangement Syndrome, is questioning the reasoning behind the new changes at the left-wing news network — as CNN’s new owner has asserted that he is attempting to return the channel to reporting unbiased news. Democrats have responded to this news with vitriol and outrage, claiming that CNN is becoming right-wing.

“What is going on at CNN?” Rather asked in a tweet. “It’s a serious question. There is a lot of speculation on directives and motives. What’s really going on? And is it being noticed by the audience?”

The left-wing journalist’s tweet came just hours after CNN announced the departure of the network’s White House correspondent, John Harwood.

Harwood’s exit is just the latest in a line of biased media personalities, including Brian Stelter, to leave CNN amid the company’s attempt to rebrand itself. Stelter has been the subject of a significant amount of criticism for his penchant for pushing left-wing propaganda, refusing to report on news critical to the left — or arguing that news detrimental to the left is “Russian disinformation” — and telling his audience not to listen to information presented by other sources that don’t align with his ideology.

Critics have celebrated Stelter’s firing.

Following Stelter’s firing, CNN’s new boss hinted to staff that more departures were coming, according to reporting from The Daily Beast’s Corbin Bolies.

“There will be more changes and you might not understand it or like it all,” CNN’s new owner Chris Licht reportedly said.

CNN made several moves in the last few months in response to viewership falling exponentially due to the channel’s lack of truthfulness in its reporting. Licht has hinted multiple times that it is time for the news outlet to move away from partisan, left-wing propaganda and to take more of a centrist approach to reporting.

Of course, this is not how the left sees it. The very thought of CNN not being a mouthpiece for the Democrat Party has leftists claiming the network is moving to the right. Even Rather is lamenting the possibility of CNN abandoning its far-left political stance.

Disgraced former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann also commented on CNN’s moves. In a response to Rather’s tweet, Olbermann accused Licht of cutting off “liberal heads,” while complaining about two CNN anchors daring to criticize President Joe Biden’s divisive primetime speech — claiming that the criticism is just “GOP talking points.”

“It’s a long story but the new president is there to cut off the liberal heads. Not a coincidence that two ambitious on-air people tweeted the same GOP talking points about Biden and the Marines. This is the background on the new hatchet man – he tried the same stuff at MSNBC,” Olbermann tweeted.