Cuomo Emerges As A ‘Blaming Man’

If Andrew Cuomo didn’t publicly speak until he passed away, that would be too soon. Cuomo gets no sympathy in any way, shape or form from his dirty deeds while he was New York’s famous governor and Chris Cuomo can join him in that statement. Chris covered for Andrew while working for CNN and if you’re assuming all of this is because of the sexual assault allegations, you would be partly correct. The other is the nursing home scandal that killed thousands of elderly patients during COVID-19. Prison time would be much more fitting, but it’s unlikely that will happen due to the Democrat party’s cover-up of heinous crimes.

Cuomo said, “As you probably know, I’ve gone through a difficult period the past few months. I resigned as governor. The press roasted me. My colleagues were ridiculed. My brother was fired. It was ugly.”

Really? When did that happen, Cuomo? We must have missed it when you were forced out of office.

Unfortunately, Cuomo went through a bad time. But, as President Joe Biden said, “Every one of these lives lost is a tragedy, an empty seat at the dinner table, a missing voice at the holidays.” Put that statement over top of Cuomo’s nursing home scandal and ask yourself what should have happened to Cuomo instead of just resigning. The man’s a piece of garbage.

Cuomo’s attorney, Rita Glavin, said, “This woman’s story, as stated as fact in the report, is false. The documentary evidence does not support what she said.”

So, Cuomo is a victim and goes after the victims?

The only reason that Cuomo is saying anything right now is that he’s likely settling outside of court with the victim and he wants to run for a political office again. Cuomo is getting ahead of the curve and he’s expected to be permitted by the Democrat party to test the waters and see the response. Polls lead policy and there’s undoubtedly going to poll going out to see how people feel about Cuomo. Hopefully, it’s not received well. It seems to be a new former President Bill Clinton situation where the victims are decimated and Cuomo becomes the hero of false claims.

Cuomo also said, “My father, God rest his soul, used to say the government is an honorable profession but that politics can be a dirty business. Now that is especially true today when the politics out there is so mean and so extreme when even the Democrat party chooses to cancel people that they disagree with.”

Is sexual assault a disagreement now? Is Cuomo serious about that?

Cuomo may have made an admission of guilt as well.

“In public, my behavior has remained consistent for the past 40 years. But there was an issue. Because some people, particularly younger people, have developed a new sensitivity. Nobody ever told me I made them feel uneasy. I never felt like I was bothering anyone. I was attempting to do the polar opposite.”

Kissing, grabbing someone’s butt during hugs, grabbing a female’s breasts and asking women if they wanted to play strip poker? If that’s not okay, then you’re just too sensitive? That’s an insult to any woman who has ever been touched inappropriately.

Cuomo went on to say that he didn’t violate the law, which goes directly against what Attorney General Letitia James said which was, “This is a sad day for New York because independent investigators have concluded that Governor Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women and, in doing so, broke the law.”

That doesn’t sound precisely like Cuomo’s recollection of the incident and it doesn’t seem like people will receive Cuomo’s story very well.