Cubans And Venezuelans Are Among The Newest Demographics Of Border Migration

At the southern border, where around 15,000 Haitian migrants lived in a “tent city” situation, over 250 migrants were detained in a massive swarm of illegal immigrants crossing into the United States.

Breitbart reported that the nationality of the illegal immigrants was mainly Venezuelan and Cuban. Speaking in anonymity, a source told Breitbart, “the nearly 300 migrants are being held under the port of entry while they await transportation to nearby. Border Patrol stations in the region.”

Remember when Cuba faced governmental backlash, and the citizens were protesting a few months ago? Disallowing Cubans to migrate to the US didn’t stop the migration. It just made it more dangerous for those who wanted to make the journey. Given the state of Cuba, most Americans wouldn’t have been opposed to allowing large numbers of Cubans to enter the country and still wouldn’t. The Cuban people were in a much different situation than people coming from Mexico. Their government wasn’t giving them food and the necessary items that they needed. One of the protesters told BBC, “There is no food, no medicine, there is no freedom. They do not let us live.”

Breitbart reported, “The overcrowding at Border Patrol stations in the sector is one factor impeding the Border Patrol from rapidly transporting migrants from border crossing points.” It goes to show you how overcrowded the border is at the current moment. It is a direct reflection of President Joe Biden’s administration’s decisions and lack of action.

Del Rio, Texas, the location of the migrant crossings, is the second-highest apprehension location, only following the Rio Grande Valley Sector. The Del Rio Sector causes most of the hold-ups for Border Patrol because of the holding facility capacity. Unfortunately, migrants have had to stay under the Del Rio bridge in the meantime, and it isn’t a good look. The new migrants are under the bridge again, causing hold-ups of massive proportions. Border Patrol is supposed to get the migrants out of the area and processed for removal, but the Biden administration hasn’t been great about kicking people out. Instead, they’re inviting more people in.

The diverse mixture of migrants should cause everyone to be concerned. When more countries get involved, it shows the world that the border is not only open but that people are allowed to crowd in with no repercussions. The danger of terrorist organizations is grave right now because of the lack of transparency from Biden’s administration and the fact that there’s no attempt to stop the massive migration.