Cruz Slammed Mayorkas Due To Biden Administration’s Ignorance Of The Border Crisis

According to the Department of Homeland Security, over 1.7 million illegal aliens have been reported crossing the US-Mexico border.

The startling number doesn’t surprise many people because President Joe Biden’s administration’s lack of effort to stop the problem. Originally, Vice President Kamala Harris was supposed to take over the border operations, but she failed to act responsibly. The only action Harris has taken is to tell people in South America not to come to the United States. By the way, she does all of this while complaining that she isn’t given more responsibility in the White House.

Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, faced off against Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) the other day. Mayorkas admitted that October 2021 was the worst in the history of the southern border, as Cruz gave him the numbers.

Cruz referred to the children in cages as “Biden’s cages,” a fair assessment. If Biden and his administration demonized former President Donald Trump about the “kids in cages,” then they’d have ample time to fix the issue they claimed was damaging to the children crossing the border.

Cruz said, “How many children have been in the Biden cages in the calendar year 2021?” Mayorkas responded with, “Senator, I respectfully disagree with your use of the term ‘cages.’”

If he disagreed, he shouldn’t have taken on the task as Biden used the phrase to characterize the border under Trump. Cruz beautifully mastered the exchange, but Mayorkas didn’t seem to comprehend the direct question.

Mayorkas said he would have to reconsider.

Cruz pressed Mayorkas on Biden’s inability to visit the border. Mayorkas confirmed that Biden hadn’t seen the border. When asked if Harris had visited, Mayorkas confirmed that Harris did visit the border, but Cruz already knew that the border visit that Harris had attended wasn’t at the cages. She had gone to El Paso, Texas.

Mayorkas confirmed that she had not.

Mayorkas wasn’t sure which Democrat Senators on the Judiciary Committee but said that Democrat Senators had visited the Donna border facility.

Cruz then grilled Mayorkas on the number of criminals released and how much criminal activity was present at the facility and border. Cruz asked, “How many women have been physically assaulted or been trafficked into this country in 2021?”

Mayorkas didn’t know.

“All right, how about this? How many children have been physically assaulted by traffickers or other people when they were coming in illegally?”

Mayorkas didn’t know.

“How many murderers have you released? How many rapists have you released? How many child abusers have you released?”

Mayorkas said he wasn’t aware of any such releases.

There’s a common theme that happens in the Biden administration. Nobody knows, and nobody does anything to fix the problems. If they wanted to improve the border, then they would. Instead, they incentivize illegal aliens into coming into the United States by giving those separated from their families a proposed $450,000 and try to place hundreds of millions of dollars to fund immigration attorneys for illegals in their massive spending bills.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement, “The numbers do not lie. This crisis is nowhere near under control. As Biden, Kamala Harris, and the White House continue to lie about the severity of this crisis and do nothing but encourage it. The human costs are being felt by Americans across the country, with cartels and criminals thriving and threatening the safety of our communities.”

It’s not going to get better until the Biden administration acts or they’re out of office. That’s the only clear message this is sending.