Cruz Proposes Creating ‘New Ports Of Entry In Democrat-led Communities’ And Shipping Illegal Aliens To Those Locations For Processing

The fact that President Joe Biden can make immigration decisions doesn’t mean they’re right. Texas, and in turn other states, have been swarmed by illegal immigration since Biden became president. It’s not fair for the border communities or the communities that Biden decides to send illegal immigrants.  

Another wave of Haitian migrants is expected at the southern border of the United States very soon. After Biden’s inability to manage the first wave, there are questions on what will happen with this wave.  

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) says that he’s “introducing legislation to alleviate the massive overload at the southern border by establishing new ports of entry in Democrat-led communities such as Martha’s Vineyard, where Democrat elites host their cocktail parties.” 

Cruz’s “Stop the Surge Act” creates new ports of entry, and instead of having thousands of immigrants under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, the new ports can be in Palo Alto, California, St. Helena, California, Greenwich, Connecticut, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and many others to spread out the flow and even stop it altogether.  

Imagine Biden’s surprise when legislation passes that will move new illegal immigrants to Wilmington, Delaware? That’ll be the last time he goes on vacation to Delaware.  

Of course, this will never happen. The gesture is nice, but Democrats enjoy the process they have right now, and destructive immigration policies may have been what’s kept Texas a Republican state this long. 

Making new ports of entry would be a great way to alleviate the headache that’s going on in South Texas, and the citizens of border communities would appreciate it.  

Democrats only think of themselves. They have the revenue stream of moving from community to community if they need to escape their policies, and they only want votes while they prey on others.  

Cruz stated the Democrats are “glad to be hypocrites” and that the migrant children were flown to New York in the middle of the night so that they could not be held accountable for their behavior. Cruz has had roundtables with South Texas ranchers and farmers and said that even the Democrats said that if their party is for open borders, they can’t stand behind it.  

Honestly, if Biden would visit the border, then things could go differently. If Vice President Kamala Harris, the border czar, would take action, we could sell the problems or better discuss what to do moving forward.