Cruz And Swalwell Are At It Again

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) have been going at it on Twitter for the last several months. It’s been entertaining and more politicians are taking this route, and the public seems to love it, even though it might be the wrong move.

Cruz has offered a deal for some of Biden’s ambassador nominees in exchange for a vote on Nord Stream 2 Pipeline sanctions. It’s not a terrible move because the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline sanctions are something Republicans and Democrats can get behind, but it depends on who is appointed. It’s also going to be interesting to see who gets voted in. Just because a vote is held doesn’t mean they’ll get the vote they’re hoping for.

Though there haven’t been details released on the nominees or the counteroffer sent back by Chuck Schumer (D-NY), it may, honestly, come down to the Build Back Better bill and the sanctions in return for the nominees. That’s only speculation.

Eric Swalwell posted the article from The Hill with a tweet that says:

Well, Swalwell, that’s America. When a large number of people approve of a terrible idea, a few of the good guys can stop that from happening.

Thanks for your input.

Cruz’s response was a shutdown.

Crus tweeted back, “Hush child. The adults are working.”

There’s nothing more satisfying than a tweet that’s hard to argue with. Though Twitter users came back with some fair but probably out of context responses like Cruz’s escape to Cancun, Mexico, while Texans were out of power and suffering, the argument can also be made that Cruz didn’t have a way to help.