Creepy Joe Biden Just Kissed McAuliffe’s Wife In Front Of Everyone

Terry McAuliffe’s worst move was having President Joe Biden do a campaign speech for him. Biden is notorious for his cognitive deterioration, and with it growing, Democrats should avoid him if they want to have any chance of electing or re-electing McAuliffe.

A kiss, then a shuffle, then a dance. That’s how the idiocy of McAuliffe’s rally went. Everyone on stage was waving as if they were celebrities, and maybe we’d done this to ourselves. If people would stop acting like politicians were celebrities, then maybe they’ll stop acting as though they have all the power and responsibility of running your life.  

Both McAuliffe and Biden have been bashing former President Donald Trump for reasons unknown. This race isn’t about Trump. McAuliffe is going against Glenn Youngkin. But, sometimes it’s better to have Biden as the last leg of the race because he can’t walk that well, especially upstairs.  

Biden kissing McAuliffe’s wife wouldn’t have been nearly as bad if Biden hadn’t engaged in this inappropriate behavior before. Biden’s kind of like the elderly, not by much, version of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo except for Biden’s inability to be appropriate around children. He’s been seen placing his hands in odd places of little girl’s sides and getting inappropriately close to them even when they’re trying to move away: 

Biden touching girls compilation (RAW CSPAN FOOTAGE) 

The video listed has over 2.5 million views.  

As mentioned above, the dancing was atrocious. Remember back to the Seinfeld episode named “The Little Kicks?” To save you the trouble, it’s on Season 8, Episode 4. It’s hilarious and shows that Elaine Benes’ dancing is horrible, and her entire office is making fun of her. That’s how America feels about Biden and McAuliffe.  

During the speech, protesters started chanting, “We Love Trump.” Biden’s reaction was, “Why don’t you hang out and talk to me after this is over?” Really? Does anyone at this point believe that Biden would stick around to talk to them after he ignores reporters after his speeches? There’s no way that Ron Klain, Biden’s Chief of Staff, would let that happen? I don’t think so.  

In addition to the other ridiculous antics, Biden and others didn’t have masks on. Maybe Covid-19 took the day off. They shouldn’t have had to, but with Biden’s ridiculous mandate suggestions for schools, you would think that he would have gone on since he’s put many of these mandates in place.

With the election day of November 2nd, 2021, McAuliffe and Youngkin don’t have long until they find out who the winner is.