COVID-19 Booster Shots: Fauci Stresses Need For FDA Approval Amid White House Spat

Controversy and disagreements about Covid-19 booster shots are halting the process of rollouts. President Joe Biden suggests that booster shots should be given eight months after the Covid-19 vaccine, but Dr. Anthony Fauci wants full FDA approval before booster shots are part of the plan.

It is another example of the federal government’s incompetency. Everything seems to be happening at once, and Biden’s administration is falling behind. When the American people want answers, all they can do is disagree.

According to Healthline, the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine antibody production in the Moderna and Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is six months. Without booster shots for vulnerable individuals, Covid-19 re-infection will happen, and the infection curve will change roller coasts as it has been and continues to do. This idea that Covid-19 will go away is ridiculous. The vaccine has been shown to still spread an infection in individuals with mild to no symptoms.

According to Precision Vaccinations, Antibody production from natural infection has been shown to plateau around 6-8 months, but nobody wants to have that conversation because it’s free.

The FDA approved a Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, but it hasn’t been made available in the United States yet, and it may not be for some time. With the emergency use authorizations still on the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine, if a vaccine were FDA approved and available in the United States, that would go away. Both companies have made billions off their emergency use authorization vaccines, and it’s unlikely they’ll want that to stop.

Marion Gruber and Philip Krause are stepping down and retiring from the FDA partly because the Biden administration handled Covid-19 booster shot rollouts. According to Government Executive, the two have had disagreements with Biden’s timeline and data to support such an aggressive push for boosters in as little as six months after the first Covid-19 vaccine. It calls into question the FDA’s ability to approve Covid-19 vaccinations in the first place, as well as whether the procedure is being hurried to play a political role in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Biden’s administration isn’t in control of anything. It seems they refuse to all sit down together and discuss these issues before having press conferences to answer questions. You would think that the teleprompter would at least give Biden some accurate information, but then again, he tends to go off-script. It must be a headache for Ron Klain, Biden’s chief of staff.

Vice President Kamala Harris has been eerily quiet, but it’s not a surprise because she’s probably gearing up to take Biden’s place when he inevitably resigns or gets impeached.

Somebody needs to get it together. Lawsuits are already underway against the legality of forcing vaccines to employees, and Biden’s administration has been pushing for private businesses to mandate them. Hospitals have seen the worst impact so far as beds fill up. The bed space isn’t necessarily due to Covid-19 because it is based on a ratio between staff and patients, but the media will always flip the narrative whichever way they want.

Truth matters, so pay attention and research for yourself.