‘Coupgate’: Andrew Cuomo And Devoted Loyalists Decide To Go Down Swinging And Missing

After being the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo embarrasses himself on Twitter by retweeting an article that suggests his removal from office somehow disenfranchised voters. Where were these voters during the “Me Too” movement? Cuomo, a Democrat, is no different from Brett Kavanaugh or any Republican that’s ever been accused of physical misconduct. The Democrat party loves to hold Bill and Hillary Clinton above anyone else when Bill had physical accusers pounding on the door of his reputation even after he was impeached.  

The entitlement comes from Chris Cuomo, Andrew’s brother. The CNN host can go on television and tell the world whatever they want to hear and even cover for his brother. It places the disgraced governor in an interesting position as chips start to fall around him. Andrew Cuomo may not have the “ante-up” to play this game any longer. President Joe Biden certainly doesn’t help when he says that Cuomo did one “hell of a job.” If Biden isn’t careful, Andrew Cuomo’s accusers may come for him next. Where’s Tara Reade when you need her?  

Cuomo’s lawyer has his back, but if that’s going to be a good move or not is yet to be determined. David Pikus claims that it’s the Republicans who are just exaggerating the situation, but what he doesn’t seem to realize is that Attorney General Letitia James said that Cuomo broke federal and state law when he committed his acts. Some are already taking Cuomo to court, and it doesn’t seem that anyone is wasting any time to get as far away from Cuomo as possible.  

Defense in the courtroom isn’t determined by what’s happening now. It’s impacted by the severity of situations happening when the case gets in front of the judge. No guarantee should be granted to Cuomo. His case is highly determined by women’s testimony, including a law enforcement officer, who directly claims Cuomo was inappropriate with her and moved her to his security detail. Hard to argue with that.  

Pikus also argues that Cuomo’s political opponents have pushed the accusations to the point that Como cannot defend himself in the media. What Cuomo could do is come out and explain the situation. What will happen is that the Democrat party will insulate Cuomo from any actual wrongdoing, and media bias will make sure Cuomo’s court cases aren’t covered. As said previously, Cuomo broke the law. That’s as simple as it gets.