Correlation Between Presidents And COVID-19 Numbers

Thank God Twitter keeps all tweets available that aren’t deleted. When politicians lie or suddenly change their stance to benefit them, you can go back and set them straight. President Joe Biden isn’t aware of this or isn’t mindful of a lot when he makes statements. A large number of the other Democrats aren’t either.

Biden tweeted:

Biden may not have quit on anyone, but he’s certainly not doing anything. And the point is, he shouldn’t. No president can get rid of the COVID-19 virus, nor should he focus on it as the primary objective. The only thing Biden can do is take away freedoms to make sure it doesn’t spread, and that’s also impossible. Look at 2020 when businesses were shut down. It’s evident that it still spread when people stayed home and wore masks in public settings.

The biggest difference between former President Donald Trump and Biden is that Biden said a president should be responsible for the deaths from COVID-19. If that’s the case, then Biden needs to resign immediately. Newsweek fact-checked this claim, and we’re thankful they’re turning away from the Democratic narrative of “missing context” and gave a direct answer.

Newsweek said, “According to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), dated December 19, 2021, 803,593 people have died due to COVID since the beginning of the pandemic. Of those, 351,754 deaths occurred in 2020, meaning that indeed there are more deaths-nearly 455,000 in 2021.”

It gets more complicated when determining the data from 2020 to January 20, 2021. According to Our World In Data, the actual data shows that Trump at 412,892 and Biden at 393,547.

Interestingly enough, Biden has had a COVID-19 vaccine since his presidency, and Trump didn’t. Also even more interesting is that the 2020 riots created more contact between random strangers in thousands of cities across the country. Given this data, there’s no telling what the actual figures would have been had the vaccine not been available.

When asked about the 800,000 deaths and if we can do more to have China be more transparent, Biden smiled and walked off. What a strong, brave president.

The fact that Biden has tried to force Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine or lose their livelihood is a testament to his goals as president.