Corporations Funded BLM Riots With Shocking $82.9 Billion

As corporate shakedowns go, Black Lives Matter deserves a gold medal for its exemplary work in recent years. Since 2020, the movement raked in an astounding $82.9 billion from corporate donors.

That’s the word from the Claremont Institute’s new funding database. The Institute’s Center for the American Way of Life proclaimed the movement, born most recently in 2020, was about far more than simply “rioting and destruction.”

According to Breitbart News, these deep-pocketed corporations shelled out more to BLM and related causes than the GDP of 46 African nations. The 2020 profits of Ford Motor Company, $23 billion, pale in comparison to the supposed non-profit’s haul.

The list of contributors rates as a who’s who of the American corporate world.

Amazon was fleeced for an amazing $170 million, and Walmart shelled out a cool $100 million to support the alleged bedrock of racial “equity.” In an ironic twist, the recently failed Silicon Valley Bank donated approximately $74 million to the cause.

BLM’s parent organization pulled down over $123 million for its efforts. Remember, the riots inspired by this organization resulted in nearly $2 billion in property damage and at least 25 lives lost.

As the Center reported, BLM’s take quite possibly represents the largest corporate shakedown in the history of the Republic.

The list of corporate contributors does not slow down there. Asset management giant BlackRock forked over $810 million, Mastercard $500 million, Prudential Financial $450 million, Wells Fargo $210 million, Apple $100 million and Nike $90 million.

This ignoble list could go on and on, but suffice it to say that corporate America was properly and systematically fleeced by BLM.

And according to the Claremont Institute, the BLM Global Network is socking away much in investments for the future. Expenditures include “purchasing luxury real estate, engaging in nepotism, [and] disbursing grants to dozens of BLM chapters and revolutionary organizations.”

Furthermore, “defund the police” movements are suddenly awash in cash, as are efforts to indoctrinate children through “BLM at School” programs. Mixed in with the various “equity” programs are such classics as critical race theory and queer theory.

Corporate America should hold its head down in shame after the irresponsible and guilt-ridden funding of such an organization.