Corporate Media May Be Losing Patience With Biden Over Afghanistan

The corporate media is slowly turning against President Joe Biden for the first time during his administration. Biden’s scarce public appearances during last year’s campaign and limited press conferences through the first months of his presidency were happily brushed over by almost every media commentator.

The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden’s decision to essentially continue his vacation at Camp David, and the speculation around whether he would spend more downtime in Delaware have led to greater scrutiny.

MSNBC’s Jonathan Lemire said last week that Biden would be the face of the failure in Afghanistan. He compared the horrific images coming out of Kabul with Biden’s assurances last month that there would be no circumstances where the media would see people evacuated under emergency conditions.

Brianna Keilar at CNN ran clips on August 16 showing multiple promises made by Biden before the collapse of the Afghan civil government and military, saying that the promises made by the administration “are coming back to haunt them.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper described conditions in Afghanistan as a tragic foreign policy disaster and said the White House had been caught flat-footed. He added that it seems shocking that Biden could have been so wrong as the U.S. embassy was being evacuated.

The Atlantic published a story pointing at the fault placed on Biden, stating that his administration failed to heed the warnings or act with urgency to avoid a humanitarian crisis.

Tim Naftali of CNN compared the Afghan collapse with the 1975 fall of Saigon to the North Vietnamese. He said that Afghanistan would forever be an albatross around his neck.

David E. Sanger of The New York Times wrote that Biden wasted his reputation for extensive foreign policy management and had stained his legacy. He said that Biden made a series of major mistakes in bringing about the withdrawal of U.S. forces.

If conditions worsen in Afghanistan, and indeed if any Americans come to harm before they can be evacuated, the media’s love affair with Joe Biden may take on more damage.