Controversial New Hire Fired By Uvalde Schools

A newly-hired Uvalde school district police officer has been fired after CNN reported that she was one of the first officers on the scene and made controversial statements during the May massacre at Robb Elementary School in Texas.

Crimson Elizondo, 45, had resigned from the Texas Department of Public Safety after enraged parents expressed their disgust at her lack of intervention in the tragedy.

However, she was then hired by the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District only to be fired when parents again voiced their outrage.

CNN reported that Elizondo showed up at the scene in May with her gun drawn but did not properly follow procedures. The report said the officer did not remove tactical body armor or her long rifle from her police car as she was trained to do.

Later she was caught on body camera commenting to another officer that if her son had been in the building, she would not have stood around outside. Elizondo in the footage said that “my son’s in daycare, he’s not old enough.”

But, she added, “if my son had been in there, I would not have been outside, I promise you that.”

The officer quietly resigned her position after an investigation began into her response at the school.

In a statement, the Uvalde school district said they were “deeply distressed” by the CNN report concerning Elizondo. The district apologized to families of the victims and the community at large, and added that the officer’s statement concerning her son did not meet district expectations.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, however, said the Uvalde district reached out to the DPS and was told beforehand that her actions were “inconsistent with training and department requirements.”

In his words, the district “had full information” before making the hire.

Some children who survived the massacre recognized Elizondo at the district’s schools and are said to be “furious” to find that she’d been hired. Parents also reportedly recognized her while she was on duty and called for her firing.

Family representatives said that they are “disgusted and angry” and that her hiring calls the district’s “credibility and thoroughness” into question.