Connecticut Teacher Under Fire Amid Leaked Footage

Within the past several years, the general public has been investigating what teachers expose children to in classrooms. For quite some time, it was generally understood that classrooms were places for children to learn about math, science, English, and social studies.

Somewhere along the line, children began undergoing exposure to left-wing gender ideology and other teachings that have no business in classrooms. The situation got even worse when drag queens and graphic content began entering children’s schools as well.

Now, one teacher from Connecticut is taking heat amid leaked video footage from watchdog group Project Veritas.

Disturbing Video Footage
In the leaked content, Project Veritas exposes Connecticut teacher Iman Rasti talking about his sexual fantasies involving children and worse. Rasti likewise admits to abusing his students by saying he’s “had sex” with “many, many, many” of them.

The troubling footage continues with Rasti admitting that he looks between the legs of his underage students and can “see the thing.”

Since this footage leaked and went viral, Rasti has been placed on leave by Green Farms Academy, the school he worked for. Many Americans who came across this footage have warned that simply being put on leave is not enough.

Because Rasti admitted to several crimes against children on video, calls are being made for his arrest and incarceration. On social media, questions are also being raised about why no one was able to stop Rasti before he got this far.

Increasing Danger Towards Children?
Between predators like Rasti and teachers who want to have children “change” genders unbeknownst to parents, many people are questioning the safety of schools these days.

To make matters worse, left-wing leaders like New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) are claiming it is inclusive to have children exposed to drag queens in school libraries. Parents and other members of the community are being written off as bigoted and hateful if they dare to complain.

For many Americans, the issues with schools these days are only making the case for children to be homeschooled. When parents homeschool their kids, they can make sure their kids are learning without being exposed to graphic content, politically charged rhetoric or predators like Rasti.

One can only imagine what else is happening in schools that have yet to be revealed.