Congressman Gets His Office ‘Raided’ By Police Dressed As Construction Workers

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has been using the Capitol Police Department as her own personal Gestapo for a while, and soon it should be coming to an end.

CPD officers posed as construction workers and broke into his office to take pictures. That’s something from bad cop movies when they go in by themselves with no backup and no permission to do so.

Representative Troy Nehls (R-TX) was on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show and said, “Absolutely ridiculous. Why was the Capitol Police investigating me inside my office? And I was the subject of a criminal inquiry. The Chief of Capitol Hill police are downplaying this, but I’m telling you, they’re going after everybody with a dissenting opinion and anyone who disagrees with them.”

Pelosi sent the CPD after anyone wearing a mask in a similar abuse of power. It’s proof that when you give an individual power, they will abuse it when unchecked.

In reality, the police officers have to decide for themselves if what they’re doing is constitutional and if they can continue to work for an entity that will use them for these types of things. Morally, there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed. That mark was crossed a long time ago.

Tucker Carlson said that the CPD is “a secret police force that acts on behalf of the Democrat party” while there’s a Democrat majority in Congress and the presidency. Do you want to know why the CPD doesn’t go against Democrats while there’s a Republican majority? Because they don’t do these types of things. Their party would call them out and vote them out if they did.

Nehls went into details when Carlson asked why he thought this happened.

Nehls said, “I believe it’s obvious, Leader McCarthy chose me to be one of five on the select committee looking into January 6, and I’ve been a very loud critic of January 6, notably the Capitol police and the CPD intelligence department.”

Going against the narrative has its downfalls, but this is over-the-top suppression and intimidation.

Nehls continued, “Every piece of intellect was present. It was obvious to them. We knew the Capitol would target January 6. On January 6, we were aware that maps of the tunnels were disseminated across the city. So, they had all the intelligence, they knew the extremist groups were going to be there, and they did nothing with it.”

From the beginning, Pelosi was suspected of refusing to have a backup at the Capitol during January 6 even though there was plenty of prior knowledge of former President Donald Trump’s rally. They knew there would be counter-protests, and they decided to provoke the event.

Carlson said that the CPD did all this to protect Nehls, a ridiculous excuse. If there were a security issue, it wouldn’t be secretive, and there would have been more measures to ensure safety.

Carlson then urged Nehls to get every one of the people involved fired.