Congress ‘Lights Up’ Blinken Over Afghanistan And ‘Drops A Bombshell’ On Biden

Secretary of State Antony Blinken didn’t even bother to show up before Congress. He used Zoom as a scapegoat of embarrassment. Blinken doesn’t want to take responsibility alone and will bring down anyone else around him before he ever takes responsibility for anything.

President Joe Biden isn’t in charge of the White House. He constantly gets shut down from answering questions, and someone keeps cutting his microphone. More on that later. Congressman Scott Perry slammed Blinken over his appearance over zoom, and when Perry asked Blinken where he was, Blinken said he was at the State Department, which is in Washington, D.C. Perry fired back and said, “Couldn’t be bothered to come down here and see Congress? Alright, that’s great.”

Blinken wasn’t in the room by himself. That’s why he didn’t bother to show up. Democrat leadership would have never let Blinken answer those questions without being present, and Zoom makes that possible. The camera points at you and only you unless you’re Jeffrey Toobin, who let his gentleness show.

He said he expected the Taliban to respect fundamental human rights and expected an “inclusive” Taliban government, but that’s not the reality. That has never been the reality. Did Blinken expect the Taliban to accept a homosexual in political office? He shouldn’t have. The Taliban throws homosexuals off of rooftops.

Blinken expects the Taliban to uphold these human rights because hundreds of millions of dollars are over the top of those expectations. If the Taliban complies, the United States government, Biden’s government, will fund them to care for Afghan citizens. That’s a terrible idea. It’s against federal law to support terrorist organizations, and if legal proceedings are held up, Biden’s administration should be federally charged for funding the Taliban.

America’s allies don’t trust them. Questions have been raised in every significant government worldwide as to their involvement with the U.S. moving forward. Biden has single-handedly caused this. If our top leaders don’t get Biden out of office, then our reputation and respect across the world will be lost for good. Other countries are wishing that former President Donald Trump was back in the office.

The Biden administration is taking a “please follow our rules” approach like a weak parent telling their child no. Sometimes you have to get out a switch and discipline that child when they misbehave, but the Biden administration isn’t doing any of that. The entire world should get together and eradicate the Taliban regardless of their shallow promises of following Biden’s rules. They’ll make a massive comeback under Biden’s oversight, and terrorist attacks are about to begin across the world very soon if the Taliban makes it through the resistance forces in Afghanistan fighting against them.