Congress Has Found a New Way to Blow Taxpayers’ Money

In America today, US taxpayers are getting put through the wringer. Food, gas, rent/mortgages, and everything across the market is more expensive. On top of high prices, Americans are now dealing with a shortage in baby formula that could be weeks away from a resolution.

At this point, most of the country has accepted that Biden’s American Rescue Plan played a big role in where inflation stands today. This was even expressly stated by Vox, an openly left-wing media outlet that is no friend to Republicans.

Republicans and conservatives continue to warn that federal spending cannot continue as it has been. Unfortunately, this message isn’t really getting through to lawmakers in Congress.

It’s just recently come out that lawmakers are handing their staff members and Capitol police officers free-of-charge Peloton fitness memberships. Of course, this is all being financed on the dime of the everyday taxpayer.

The Latest Round of Federal Spending
These new Peloton memberships were confirmed by House members. Beginning on Wednesday, May 18, Peloton memberships will go out to staffers working for House lawmakers, along with Capitol police officers. Collectively, this shakes out to new fitness membership for about 12,300 people.

Meanwhile, the bill for American taxpayers will shake out to about $12,000 every month, depending on how many staffers and Capitol police officers use these memberships.

Since Democrats control the House of Representatives, the party has been heavily criticized by Americans over this new development. Many taxpayers believe that lawmakers could put their time to better use by working to fix the baby formula shortage and lower gas prices.

Some people even questioned whether or not lawmakers could have investments in Peloton. This would explain the true incentive behind these memberships, despite all the problems facing the country.

Complete Disregard of Warnings From Economists
At this time, several different economists have said the possibility of a recession happening next year is very high. Needless to say, everytime the federal government spends more money, this brings America closer to the edge.

Thus far, the House of Representatives hasn’t come out with a serious statement to the public about why they believe this is a good idea. However, for parents struggling with baby formula shortages, it certainly feels like a slap in the face.

The same also applies to families trying to get through the month and people struggling to afford the prices of gas.

Ironically, as the House of Representatives uses taxpayer money in this way, its members still want to be re-elected in November to hold onto the current left-wing majority.