Condoleezza Rice Talks Some Sense Into The Hosts Of ‘The View’ Regarding Critical Race Theory In Schools

Critical Race Theory has interjected itself into so many aspects of the world, but the most frightening is when it enters education. Even General Mark Milley wants to learn about “White-Rage,” and as he puts it, “And I’m White.” What a leader. As Afghanistan fell, the military was worried about White-rage. Got it!  

Smithsonian Magazine released an article that listed 12 books that will help children understand race. First off, what’s there to understand about it? Be respectful to others regardless of their skin color, social status, or any other factor. Teach that there’s no difference between skin color. Separation isn’t an area children are born with. It’s taught.  

Some of the books include Shades of Black: A Celebration of Our Children, Grandpa, Is Everything Black Bad?, Sulwe, a story where the character wishes her skin was lighter, and many others.  

Condoleezza Rice and The View hosts discussed school education topics and how much parents should be involved. Joy Behar said that it’s nice to hear from parents, but “if they’re adamant and they don’t want you to teach, uh, what is going to be taught, period, they’re going to have to homeschool their kids because this is not going to wash.”  

The problem with this mindset is that we’re not talking about parents getting upset and voicing their opinion about schools teaching algebra. The problem is that schools are interfering so much in social issues that it will confuse children. How can a first-grader be expected to learn to compose sentences, gender studies, gender orientation, race, and math?

Back in 2012, Education Week wrote an article titled “U.S. Education Pressured by International Comparisons.” We’re almost a decade away from that article, and the title speaks for itself. What is the response from the Democrats? They’re more focused on social issues than key curriculum components of math, science, reading, and writing. It’s throwing the United States further back in time. Of course, they want United States students to pay for college to get a “higher education” while the job market isn’t currently set up for those higher education positions. High school students need a pathway to the job market. Because it’s constantly changing, and needs have to be met. Many kids would love to learn a trade rather than sit in an extra class that means nothing to them.  

Condoleezza Rice came back with, “They’re homeschooling them in increasing numbers, and I think that’s a signal.” It’s a signal that shouldn’t be ignored. It’s one thing to ignore parents in school board meetings and dismiss them, but when it comes to the monetary value of schools based on attendance and grades, school districts can’t ignore that.  

Rice went on to say, “First of all, parents ought to be involved in their kid’s education. Children are in school for 7 hours. That’s a very formative period, and I think parents out to have a say. We used to have parent-teacher conferences, we used to have PTA’s, there are lots of ways for parents to be involved, and they should be.” Thank God someone is standing up for children.  

When it came to Critical Race Theory, Rice said that she grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, where she couldn’t go to movie theaters or restaurants with her parents. She went to a segregated school until their family moved to Denver, Colorado. Rice said that her parents said it wasn’t her problem. It was someone else’s, and she could be anything she wanted to be. “That’s the message that I think we ought to be sending to kids. One of the worries I have about the way we’re talking about race is that it either seems so big that somehow White people somehow now have to feel guilty for everything that happened in the past, I don’t think that’s very productive, or Black people have to feel disempowered by race.”  

The inability to live life without “virtue signaling” is a disease that will ruin someone from the inside out. If they constantly feel they have to continually acknowledge someone’s “setbacks,” only to feel good about themselves will take any genuine part of them.  

Rice stated that she wants Black children to feel wholly empowered while being Black, without having White children feel horrible for being White.

The whole idea of labeling people by their social makeup is divisive. Starting at such an early level isn’t making things better. It’s making things worse.