Comer ‘Very Concerned’ Biden Didn’t Shoot Chinese Balloon Down

The grave concerns and unanswered questions about the Chinese balloon that has been flying through American airspace this week have remained into the weekend. The balloon, which China has claimed to be a civilian weather device, is alleged by the communist regime to have deviated far from its planned course due to the Westerlies and limited self-steering capability. However, a senior U.S. Defense official told Fox News that the balloon was launched from mainland China and was not a weather balloon that flew off course.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) said during a Friday appearance on Fox News Network that it was “very concerning” that the Biden administration did not take action to shoot down the balloon before it reached the continental United States.

Comer expressed concerns that the federal government does not know what is inside the balloon and whether it could contain bioweapons or other harmful substances. He added that the fact that the balloon was slowly making its way to the U.S. for several days and the White House’s failure to alert the public about that possibility is very concerning and raises questions about the country’s military strength and the reputation of the commander-in-chief.

China’s Foreign Ministry has accused American lawmakers and media outlets of “hyping up” the balloon inaccurately and smearing China.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said the regime always acts in strict accordance with international law and respects all countries’ sovereignty and territorial integrity, adding that the balloon’s entry into U.S. airspace was entirely an unexpected situation caused by natural causes. The spokesperson added the claim that China has no intention to violate the territory or airspace of any sovereign country.

The Pentagon does not believe China’s claim that the balloon’s entry into U.S. airspace was due to unforeseen weather conditions and considers it intentional. A senior Department of Defense official said that no such “force majeure,” or act of nature, caused the Chinese surveillance balloon to enter American airspace.

The incident involving the Chinese balloon has raised concerns among American lawmakers and the U.S. Defense Department, who question the intentions of the Chinese government and Joe Biden’s ability to respond to potential threats to national security promptly and adequately.

The incident has also sparked a diplomatic dispute between the two nations, with China accusing the U.S. of hyping up the situation and smearing China while the U.S. questions China’s intentions and actions. Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken has indefinitely postponed a trip to China that was previously planned for later this month.