Comer Reveals Check Written To Joe Biden From Brother

House Oversight Chair Rep. James Comer (R-KY) revealed a check written to President Joe Biden from his brother James this week. The announcement came as Comer’s committee and the House Judiciary Committee have investigated the origin of millions of dollars to members of the Biden.

Comer told Fox News that congressional investigators discovered a $200,000 check made out to the president. The check was labeled as a loan repayment.

“We found a lot of suspicious checks that the brother was involved in and Joe was a beneficiary of,” Comer said. “And we’re going to talk about that as we move on.”

Comer said that “where the money came from” was far more important than the $200,000 itself.

“And the money came from Jim Biden, where he influence-peddled to a company in the United States that he went and said that he could help through his brother’s contacts get capital from the Middle East,” Comer said.

Both James Biden and Joe Biden’s son Hunter worked together on a number of foreign business deals. Investigators have since turned up millions in payments to members of Biden’s family, including from China, Russia, Ukraine and Romania.

Comer cited a $250,000 money wire from China arranged by Hunter Biden and sent to Joe Biden’s personal address.

Comer told Fox News host Sean Hannity that “even if Joe Biden did give his brother a loan, which I don’t believe he did, the fact that his brother defrauded a company that is now bankrupt and all the creditors lost all their money that they invested in this or loan to this healthcare company, but Joe Biden got $200,000 from it before they went bankrupt, all because Jim Biden was selling the brand, was selling the Biden name and convinced people to pay money in exchange for favors from Joe Biden.”

The check revelation came after a poll earlier this month in which most Americans believe that the president acted inappropriately in his family’s business dealings.

The AP-NORC poll saw 68% of the public criticizing Biden’s actions. Within that number, 35% believe that the president acted illegally, while another 33% believe that he acted unethically.