Comer Cites Payment From China Possibly Benefitting Biden

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer said this week that President Joe Biden received a $40,000 payment that originated from China. The news comes as Comer earlier revealed another large check written by Biden’s brother James to the president.

Comer revealed a September 2017 check made out to Biden personally from his brother James and sister-in-law Sara. The memo on the $40,000 check reads “loan repayment.” It is signed by Sara Biden.

The House Oversight Committee asserts that the money originated in China. Two months prior to the check from James Biden, the president’s son Hunter requested a $10 million payment from Raymond Zhao, who is linked to the CEFC China Energy Company. CEFC is tethered to the Chinese Communist Party.

According to the committee, within ten days after Hunter Biden’s demands, $5 million was sent by Zhao to bank accounts linked to the president’s family.

Another $400,000 was sent to Owasco, P.C., which is controlled by Hunter Biden.

Six days after that, the president’s son sent $150,000 to the company Lion Hall Group, which is owned by James and Sara Biden. Two weeks following this transfer, Sara Biden withdrew the money from the company and deposited it in her family’s personal bank account. Several days later, James and Sara Biden sent Joe Biden the $40,000 payment.

House Republicans accuse the president and his family of laundering the money from the Chinese source.

“The extortion scheme worked,” Comer said. “It all began with a shakedown in the summer of 2017, when Hunter Biden sent a message to his CEFC associate demanding a $10 million capital payment.”

“In taking funds sourced to a CCP-linked company that wanted to advance China’s interests, Joe Biden exposed himself to future blackmail and put America’s interests behind his own desire for money,” Comer added.

The committee chair said that it was possible that the funds were a true loan repayment, but that even if this was the case “it still shows how Joe benefited from his family cashing in on his name – with money from China no less.”

The news comes after Comer revealed a $200,000 check from James Biden to his brother in 2018.