Colorado School District Hiding Students ‘Transitioning’ From Parents

School districts across the U.S. are increasingly assuming rights over children they do not have. Now another district, this time in Colorado, has been exposed for hiding kids’ so-called “transitioning” and “gender identity” from parents.

Is it any wonder that Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) introduced legislation in 2022 that would prohibit schools from concealing this highly sensitive information from the exact people who need to know it the most?

Now, Townhall reported that Pueblo School District 60 in Colorado has official guidelines to prevent teachers from sharing this crucial knowledge with parents.

Parental rights advocacy group Parents Defending Education obtained documents showing exactly that. The guidelines are entitled “Supporting Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Students and Staff.”

These protocols stated that the school will “accept the gender identity that each student asserts” without medical or mental health diagnosis.

It further asserted there is no treatment threshold necessary, and students may “change their name, pronoun, and access to programs, activities, and facilities consistent with their gender identity.” As if it had not already, the document then went further off the rails.

It initially claimed that school staff “should involve parents or guardians in the implementation of these guidelines.” But immediately afterwards, it stipulates that school officials must first discuss this with the student.

It clearly stated that these students have the right to decide with whom — including their parents — their transitioning and gender identity are discussed with.

And this insidious assumption of parental rights is hardly limited to Colorado.

In Escondido, California, two middle school teachers are suing the district over its requirement that they lie to parents and assist transitioning without parental knowledge. Both said it conflicted with their Christian faith as well as free speech rights.

Elizabeth Mirabelli and Lori Ann West said in the legal filing that “deceiving parents is wholly unacceptable.” They further asserted that they should be able to use the student’s legal names and biological pronouns, and they should not be required to lie to parents over these issues.

This gender identity ideology is sweeping through the nation’s schools, and parents and teachers are rightly upset that administrators are forcing these practices to be implemented. Children are not the property of school systems, and parental rights must be reestablished.