CODE RED: Kamala Harris’ Flight to Vietnam Delayed While She Self-Inoculates Against “Havana Syndrome”

The psychological weapons you may have seen in the ’70s and 80’s action movies that disorient the enemy are the cause of Havana Syndrome.

The symptoms are similar to brain injuries, according to Medicine Net. Migraine, loss of concentration, problems with vision, squinting, vertigo, and many other symptoms have been attributed to Havana Syndrome, but nobody knows what causes it. Radio frequencies may be the cause, but it’s undetermined.

Vice President Kamala Harris has been delayed because of the possible effects that Havana Syndrome could cause. Harris was expected to leave Saigon and travel to Vietnam, but her travel has been postponed.

According to Medicine Net, “Such radiofrequency energy exposure through highly specialized bioweaponry could potentially create microbubbles in the fluid inside a person’s ear. When those bubbles travel through the blood into the brain, they can cause minute air emboli that result in cell damage, similar to decompression sickness.”

Medicine Net says that MRIs have to be done to see if the brain or spine was affected to determine if Havana Syndrome has been used. Havana Syndrome has been suspected to be caused by some spying devices used by secret agents from other countries to try and steal data from laptops or smartphones and affected anyone near the radio signals.

These symptoms seem only to affect U.S. officials and happen periodically. According to CNN, the first reports were in 2016 and have sporadically affected over 100 diplomats, spies, and troops.

Was someone trying to spy on Harris? And who could be next?

While nobody in the intelligence community knows who or why this may be happening, it concerns nonetheless. Some have speculated that President Joe Biden has been affected, but we all know that he’s always cognitively impaired.

The piercing noise heard and effects afterward were only happening overseas but continue to occur in the United States. With the sneaky nature of the problem, the intelligence agency will always have huge concerns about the source.

Efforts are being made to recreate the mysterious source to determine better ways to counter the attack and where it may be coming from. The best way to figure it out would be to hire Roger Moore and give him his 007 status back and send him on a mission to stop the threat, but this isn’t a movie from the ’70s, this is real life, and it proves much more challenging to determine these types of things.