CNN’s Don Lemon Gets History Lesson From British Commentator

Newly demoted CNN anchor Don Lemon decided to tell British royal commentator Hilary Fordwich that King Charles III’s inheritance would be better spent on reparations for slavery and colonialism.

What he got in return was a glorious history lesson, not only in the workings of the slave trade, but the nation that rose up and stopped the industry.

Lemon made the suggestion after the queen’s funeral Monday that Buckingham Palace’s wealth should be used for alleviating the energy crisis or slavery reparations. Nevermind that it’s the British people’s decision if they approve of royalty or not, Lemon pressed on.

Declaring that some people want to be paid back, he said it’s a legitimate question why some are suffering while the royal family has such wealth.

Fordwich did not miss a beat. She said that if reparations are desired, the beginning of the slavery supply chain should be focused on. And that was Africa.

Her history lesson was just getting started. The British Empire was the first in the world to abolish slavery, and that came thanks to William Wilberforce, who was a devoutly Christian member of Parliament. Thousands died on the high seas in the effort to right this wrong.

Why? Fordwich explained that African kings rounded up their own people and held them in cages on the beach until ships came to take them away. No one, she said, was “running into Africa to get them.”

And if reparations from Africa are to be given, descendants of the families who lost members fighting to end the slave trade should also receive benefits.

Lemon, rather speechless, thanked Fordwich for her time and moved on.

Speaking of moving on, in CNN’s efforts to right the sinking ship and draw in a few more viewers, the liberal host is about to be moved from prime time to a new CNN morning show. He, of course, claims that it is not a demotion, but few observers share that belief.

The CNN host built a career on slamming conservatives with every kind of harsh description long before President Joe Biden made it his personal hobby. To see him schooled on history so soundly by a British commentator was refreshing.