CNN Covers AOC’s “Maskless” Miami Party With Her Privilege Boyfriend

Could 2022 get any better? We’re only a couple of days into the new year, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has already given us some cringy content to work with.

AOC has decided that it would be perfectly acceptable and not hypocritical to travel to Florida for vacation. Does she have the right to do it? Absolutely. Should she have after blasting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for his decisions on COVID-19? Not. You have to live by what you’re saying. Otherwise, you have no backing, and nobody will take you seriously.

CNN has taken up for AOC because, at this point, can she take up for herself?

AOC enjoyed Miami, Florida, partying with drag queens, her whiter-than-privileged boyfriend, and anything else she wanted to do without a mask in sight. Then again, there hasn’t been a mask insight for many AOC’s events besides when pictures are taken.

The same AOC represents a district where the COVID-19 vaccine passport is acceptable that’s proven to segregate the Black American community due to their vaccine status by percentage.

AOC then took to Twitter and blamed carnal frustration on the pushback? AOC said, “If Republicans are mad, they can’t date me. They can say that instead of projecting their carnal frustrations onto my boyfriend’s feet.”

What? What does that have anything to do with being a hypocrite?

AOC continued, “you creepy weirdos. It’s starting to get old ignoring the very obvious, strange, and deranged carnal frustrations that underpin the Republican fixation on me, women, and LGBT+ people in general.”

AOC forgot the Q in LGBTQ+, by the way.

She then said that they needed therapy. If anyone needs treatment, it’s the one that cried on the House of Representatives floor during a vote. That’s what it looks like to “need therapy.”

Besides questioning if the trip was dangerous for AOC’s health, CNN didn’t cover the maskless escapade that AOC and her boyfriend took. Nobody cares if she wears a mask or not, and we all know she doesn’t even wear one regularly. Still, the problem is that she fearmongers the public into genuinely believing that a mask is necessary to life or death. After tearing DeSantis apart, it’s getting old watching these politicians and left-wing media personalities vacation in Florida. It’s not cute, not impressive, and nobody believes them anymore.