CNN Boots Leftist Pundit Brian Stelter and ‘Reliable Sources’

In a non-surprise that virtually everyone saw coming, CNN ousted Brian Stelter and yanked the poorly-rated “Reliable Sources” from the leftist cable news giant’s lineup.

CNN announced this week that they are not only removing the show from the air but are also cutting ties with the chief media correspondent. The network said it was a great ride and they “cannot wait to see what he does next.”

Apparently, so long as it’s for someone else.

Stelter, who hosted the gabfest since 2013, dug in as a fierce critic of former President Donald Trump. Planting his flag on slinging anything and everything against the conservative Republican, the host saw his ratings nose-dive in the last year.

In fact, his numbers cratered a startling 41% in 2022 from just one year ago.

The leftist news outlet continues to suffer through a shakeup that has seen several major personalities leave, whether voluntarily or in disgrace. The 36-year-old Stelter is only the latest to be shown the door as the company tries to reconfigure itself.

In a statement, Stelter said he’s “grateful for his nine years with CNN” and “proud” of what the show was able to accomplish. He credited himself for airing stories “that shape our world.”

Stelter was reportedly one of the few taken off-guard by the abrupt change. When told a few months ago that he could be on the chopping block, a source said that the host “chewed out” the messenger and said that he was keeping his job.

He went on to call himself a part of the “fabric” of the news network.

New CNN head Chris Licht took charge after Jeff Zucker left in February under a cloud of controversy. One source said it was decided that the network was not going to spend a solid hour of its airtime “covering its own industry.”

Licht pledged to turn the struggling network around and pull it back from its opinionated programming. Whether that move, Stelter’s abysmal ratings, or both are responsible for his ouster is unknown, but the anchor is out the door and the shakeup at the “most trusted name in news” continues.