CNN Believes GOP is Responsible For Recent Attempt on Supreme Court Justice’s Life

The leak of a Supreme Court draft signaling a possible reversal of Roe v. Wade set off a chain reaction of events.

Left-wing protesters have taken it upon themselves to leak the addresses of conservative Supreme Court justices. Since this, multiple demonstrations began to occur outside of these justices’ residences.

Earlier this week, matters escalated considerably when a man from California arrived at the home of Justice Brett Kavanaugh with zip ties, weapons, and various other tools that would allow him to do harm.

The man has since been taken into police custody and charged with attempted murder.

CNN, meanwhile, decided this attempt on the life of Kavanaugh is actually the fault of Republicans.

Putting the Blame on Republicans
The attempt on Kavanaugh’s life was not carried out by a Republican. The man in question was a supporter of both abortion and gun control; however, this didn’t stop CNN from still claiming the blame laid at the feet of the GOP.

According to CNN’s law enforcement correspondent Whitney Wild, Republicans bear responsibility for this, due to their role in the current political climate that surrounds abortion.

In another segment, Wild also questioned whether or not the man who arrived at Kavanaugh’s house actually had a weapon. In actuality, this man had multiple weapons, seeing as he was found to be in possession of both a pistol and a knife.

Selective Memory From CNN
Wild’s assessment of the attempt on a Supreme Court justice’s life wasn’t the first time CNN has pointed the finger at Republicans. It certainly won’t be the last.

However, in the law enforcement correspondent’s remarks about the current political climate, many Americans noticed some things that CNN didn’t point out.

For one thing, just earlier this year, the White House expressly endorsed demonstrations outside of the homes of Supreme Court justices.

That came after Senate Majority Leader Chucker Schumer stated that conservative justices would “pay” for their roles in opposing abortion. CNN did not directly condemn any of this rhetoric as playing a role in today’s political climate.

Even after the attempt on Kavanaugh’s life, left-wing protesters are still gathering outside of the homes of Supreme Court justices. This has many Americans worried about whether someone else may try to hurt one of the conservative members of the court.