CNN Analyst With TDS Blames Will Smith Slap On 45?

Donald Trump lives rent free in more heads than any figure in American history. He has been out of office for well over a year and still dominates CNN coverage from all angles. Case in point, the slap heard round the world. At the Oscars this year Will Smith took offense at a joke Chris Rock talked about his wife. He strode up to the stage and physically slapped Rock. Twitter immediately erupted with memes and debates over if it was real or staged.

The political class could not help themselves and somehow turned it into Trump’s fault.

Now Ms. Rangappa seems like a smart person, so she either suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome or is pandering to the section of her followers who are. The Oscars are inherently politicized by the Hollywood Elites but the ONE time something non-political happens it still gets attributed to politics. There is an old saying that when you are a hammer everything is a nail. When you have TDS everything is Trump’s fault.

What is more interesting going forward is what happens to both men’s careers. So far Chris Rock is doing ok.

It doesn’t really matter if the slap was real or staged. Perception is reality, especially in modern culture. There are people out there right now who absolve Will Smith’s actions because of Trump. There are also people out there right now buying tickets at an extremely high price for Chris Rock’s upcoming tour that would not have purchased before the now famous slap. Will Smith is being celebrated in some circles because he is seen as defending his wife. All these things can happen at once because truth has become of secondary importance.

The culture has fractured into individual echo chambers that allow for these absurdities. Unless we decide on the common values that bind us as a country, we will continue to see the breakdown of the social order where there are no rules and consequences. The elites have the resources to manage such a world, the rest of us not so much. We sacrifice the truth at our own risk.