CNBC Just Endorsed Propaganda

For years, Americans have heard from Democrats fearmongering about the danger that is posed by “misinformation.”

In fact, the “misinformation” card is regularly used to censor and shut down people who Democrats do not like. This played out earlier in the year when Democrats unsuccessfully pressured Spotify to cancel and de-platform podcast host Joe Rogan.

However, for all of the left’s talk about misinformation, fake news very often comes from their side of the aisle. Democrats continue to claim that men can get pregnant. The left repeatedly argued that COVID-19 vaccines could stop the spread of the virus, even after this was proven to be untrue.

Unfortunately, the left is only doubling down. This was seen with CNBC host Jim Cramer coming out directly in favor of government propaganda.

A New Low For CNBC
This past Tuesday, Cramer made it clear that he is all in favor of propaganda if it suits a political or social agenda with which he will agree.

The news commentator declared “a propagandist” is what is necessary in order to manipulate people into taking COVID-19 vaccines, presumably for the greater good. Cramer took it a step further, saying propaganda itself is too often tied to governments that are not “appreciated” enough.

These remarks that flatly endorsed propaganda were so out there that even other CNBC panelists sharing airtime with Cramer were taken aback.

CNBC is far from a right-wing outlet. However, this is likely the first time that a US news commentator has directly claimed propaganda to be a good thing. Generally, left-wing media sources accuse conservatives of spreading propaganda.

A Dangerous Path
Many Americans can agree that it is dangerous for governments to knowingly spread propaganda with the intention of manipulating Americans.

Unfortunately, there are many documented examples of this happening within just the past couple of years alone.

It was not too long ago that people who refused to get COVID-19 vaccines were called monsters and grandma killers. Now, it has come out that vaccinated people can get sick, suffer virus symptoms, and be contagious to others.

Democrats, for all their public condemnations of “misinformation” and “disinformation,” have yet to come out and condemn Cramer’s comments. That, alone, speaks volumes.