Clinton Is In A ‘Bad Place’ And Biden Has A Couple Of Reasons To ‘Demonize’ Russia And Praise Ukraine

Based on Hillary Clinton’s standard, the best way to get by with something is to answer no questions and get rid of any documentation that you committed a crime. That’s worked so far, but Clinton is getting closer to handcuffs with the Durham report information that’s coming out.

A Daily Wire reporter asked Clinton, “Did you pay to spy on the Trump campaign? When are you going to comment on the spying allegations, Hillary?”

It’s been reported that Clinton paid a tech company to exploit their access to servers in the White House and Trump Tower. That’s not good for her or the tech company. The payments were tracked to link former President Donald Trump to Russia.

Michael Sussmann has been the focal point of the Durham report and was indicted in September 2021 because he lied to an FBI attorney. Sussmann lied to them about working for a client when he explained that the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia. Meanwhile, Sussmann was billing the Clinton campaign for his work on the “Russian Bank-1” allegations.

Trump has denied these allegations since the beginning. Recently, Trump said that the report “provides indisputable evidence that my campaign and presidency were spied on by operatives paid by the Hillary Clinton Campaign to develop a completely fabricated connection to Russia.”

It begs the question: “What’s Biden’s motive for demonizing Russia and making sure there’s a conflict between the US and Russia?”

The first hypothesis is that Hunter Biden’s connection with Ukraine will be proven more profound than has already been shown. Joe has to do everything he can to make sure Ukraine is seen as an upstanding country, and he has to defend them because he doesn’t want the information to be leaked.

The second hypothesis is that Biden has to show that Russia is such a terrible country that even the thought of Trump colluding with Russia had to be investigated by whatever means necessary to get sympathy for spying on Trump’s campaign. That would further paint Trump as the bad guy and the Obama-Biden Administration and Clinton as the heroes who didn’t choose to investigate the ties between Trump and Russia.

Neither of those is an excuse to spy on a candidate, and if either of those excuses is used, then it’s not going to cut it. A formal investigation should have been opened up to determine if Trump was colluding with Russia. Regardless, there would have had to be evidence, but there was none. That proves that Clinton, Biden, and Obama spied on Trump’s campaign with malicious intent.