Circle Back Psaki Is Back But Answering Questions Is Out

The Southern Border is essential for many reasons other than allowing asylum for those who need it. It’s also necessary for protecting citizens from criminal elements who bring drugs, gang activity, and the intent to cause harm. That’s a large number of factors that President Joe Biden’s Administration has wholly ignored. They don’t care about national security. It begs the question, why are US troops going to Ukraine to protect their border but not our own?

Peter Doocy, Fox News journalist, backed Press Secretary Jen Psaki into a corner with his questioning on the southern border and specifically who is crossing.

“How come so many single adult men are being let into the United States barely hours after being captured at the southern border?”

Psaki seemed dumbfounded and dodged the question.

She said, “Well, I’m not sure the specifics of what you’re referring to, Peter.”

Psaki noted Title 42, which she explained would place illegal aliens into a detention program that doesn’t fit the detention criteria. Psaki explained that they could be placed across the US.

That doesn’t exactly answer the question in its full context. The question aimed to find out why it was single men rather than families and single mothers and children argued for by Democrats. Key to the Sarah McLachlan “Arms of an Angel” song.

That’s always the go-to response. “I don’t know.” That’s not what people need to hear when 2 million illegal aliens crossed the southern border in 2021, making that the biggest border disaster of any president. Thanks, Vice President Kamala Harris.

According to DHS reports, 47,000 illegal aliens were given to report and released. The frustrating part is that it’s not only Mexican immigrants crossing the southern border. The border crisis was happening when the withdrawal from Afghanistan was ongoing. That means that terrorists have had plenty of opportunities to infiltrate the US with little to no process to ensure they are detained and sent back to their country and the estimated 600,000 that have crossed undetected.

Doocy also asked, “You indicated that they’re meant to check in at a local ICE office, but we know that DHS reports that between March and August, more than 47,000 migrants who were given notifications to report did not show up. So, why did they allow them to enter the United States unsupervised in the first place?”

Psaki responded with the same basic answer but added that there would be repercussions for the individuals who don’t show up. Psaki didn’t mention what those repercussions would be.

Circle Back Psaki is back! She can’t answer that question reasonably. Instead, she quotes policies and laws with the context to the actual question.

From the bottom to the top, this administration is incompetent and does everything to cover for each other. Buckle up for the 2022 midterm election because it’s going to get interesting.