Chris Cuomo’s Journalistic Integrity Is Shot If There Was Any Left At All

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his brother Chris Cuomo, a news media personality on CNN, have been conspiring together to get information on Andrew’s physical assault victims.

New information has been released that shows Chris Cuomo helped advise Andrew Cuomo about the reporting of Ronan Farrow. Cuomo told State Investigators, “How do I protect my family? How do I help protect him? I probably should have been thinking more about how I protect myself, which just never occurred to me.”

CNN doesn’t seem content with the actions of Chris Cuomo as they said, “We will be having conversations and seeking additional clarity about their significance as they relate to CNN over the next several days.” They also noted that the documents released by the Attorney General’s Office “deserve a thorough review and consideration.”

You know that Chris Cuomo is scrambling to do damage control because he knows that he could at least be fired from CNN because of the stunt, and he doesn’t want that to happen.

Chris Cuomo said, “The concern was that Ronan always has more people. You know, I mean, that’s part of his currency as a journalist, is that people come to him to expand their understanding. I know he has his critics. But, to me, that’s when he’s at his best” when asked about a text between him and Melissa DeRosa, Andrew Cuomo’s top aide. The text message from DeRosa said, “If Ronan has nothing better, better than Boylan, that’s a great sign.”

That text message details a lot of things. If Boylan was all Farrow had, which was a great sign, then there must be more that we don’t know about. Even now, Andrew Cuomo could still have victims out there that haven’t spoken up yet.

Cuomo also claimed, “I wasn’t going to try to influence any of the stories. And we know that that’s true because you would have read about it had I. It’s not exactly a loyalty-based business.”

Chris Cuomo may not have been trying to influence stories. Still, he was undoubtedly able to direct Andrew Cuomo with public perception and proceed forward with the information he obtained. It’s one thing for the media to be linked arm and arm with a business, or someone in public, or a celebrity, but for a media personality to use his influence and authority to assist a politician accused of physically assaulting women has likely crossed the line.

Chris Cuomo admitted to reaching out to people close to Farrow to get information but insisted that he didn’t do anything to sway the news media. In August 2021, he said, “I never made calls to the press about my brother’s situation.”

Sure, you didn’t, bud. Sure, you didn’t.

When asked if any of the information that Chris Cuomo obtained was related to Andrew Cuomo, Chris Cuomo said yes, and after being asked to elaborate, Chris Cuomo said, “Ask him, you know, how he felt about it, what was in it. And he asked me what I thought the impact of it was. He said that he didn’t think the article was fair, that she was being propped up, and you know, that’s it.”

Chris Cuomo also said that he spoke to a journalist close to Ronan instead of contacting Ronan himself. He also said he didn’t want to call him directly because he didn’t want to “push up on him like that.” Chris said that he was told nothing was coming anytime soon.

When asked, Cuomo said he had “not specifically,” told CNN he was reaching out about the story. Then the attorney pressed on Chris Cuomo, asking if he had made calls on “behalf of the executive chamber or your brother to learn information” and if it was common to do so. Chris Cuomo said he saw it differently.

The new information may put CNN in a tough spot if there’s public outrage against them. They may not have a choice but to fire Chris Cuomo for relaying information to Andrew Cuomo. At the same time, he was governor, and his journalistic integrity is undoubtedly an issue.