China Slams US Offer Of Safe Havens For Hong Kong Residents

As Biden made a declaration allowing Hong Kong citizens currently residing in the US to live and work in the country and signed a memorandum, it faced backlash from the Chinese Government that perceived the declaration as an attempt to stigmatize China-Hongkong relations.

For years now, China has had rather tense relations with Hongkong due to their unprecedented interference in the internal affairs of Hongkong. Therefore the people take to the streets in the form of riots asking for a democratic Government. Still, they always end up getting their rights demolished more and more each day. In light of the tensions in the country, Biden allowed the Hongkong citizens to remain in the country for 18 months, providing amnesty. Still, the statement from the Ministry’s office in Hongkong declared Biden’s memorandum as an attempt to intensify the tensions further. They labeled it an act of slandering international relations and interfering in the internal affairs of mainland China and Hong Kong, which the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, officially agreed with. To prevent governments from breaking up pro-democracy riots and politically motivated arrests and trials, the US government will intervene in whatever manner it can.

I wonder what Biden and Jen Psaki are implying through this statement, even though Biden has not maintained very politically stable relations with the Chinese government ever since his first day in office. He also blamed the Chinese Government for having planned the hacking of the US intelligence systems for spying purposes. It makes little sense as to why he wants to interfere in their internal affairs now of all times, considering the pro-democracy riots have been going on since 2019. Nevertheless, the Hongkong citizens seeking refuge, both temporary and permanent in the US, are being considered shelter and are most likely to avoid deportation under the Department of Homeland Security.