Chicago Police Officers Send Powerful Message To Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Who Blamed Guns After Officer Murdered

As Chicago police officers gathered at the hospital where two of their colleagues were being treated after just being harmed in the line of duty late Saturday, they sent a strong message to Mayor Lori Lightfoot. She had visited the hospital when the cops delivered their message. Meanwhile, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, many police turned away when Lightfoot approached them around midnight Saturday on the seventh floor of the University of Chicago Medical Center. Two other police officers were attacked earlier that day while conducting a traffic stop in Chicago’s infamous West Englewood neighborhood. Ella French, one of the policemen who died, was one of the two who were injured.

Lightfoot attempted to speak with the male officer’s father, a longtime Chicago cop, just seconds before over a dozen officers confronted the Mayor. Two eyewitnesses stated that he had a strong hate for Lightfoot. The father singled out the Mayor as the cause of the event. According to one account, Lightfoot dealt with the father’s shouting well. As a result, it was suggested that Lightfoot deliver a few words to the nearby mourning cops. However, one witness stated that as she approached, they did the about-face to look rehearsed.

According to John Catanzara, head of the Chicago police officers’ union, the about-face revealed officers’ feelings toward Lightfoot. As per him, turning their backs on the Mayor exemplified how the dozens of police officers waiting outside the hospital felt. It occurred because the police officers had had enough and refused to remain silent. However, Lightfoot’s response was startling. The Chicago cops’ growing dislike for Lightfoot stems from her portrayal of the city’s crime due to guns. In fact, in the aftermath of Saturday’s tragedy, Lightfoot continued to promote the same narrative.

As a consequence of police officers turning their backs on the Mayor, Lightfoot’s office released a statement late Monday afternoon denouncing divisive and toxic remarks as well as emphasizing once more that illegal guns are at the core of the city’s violence.

She also highlighted that Chicago has a comparable adversary in the form of illicit weapons and gangs, both of which generate violence and manifestations of violence. However, the Mayor seems committed to healing the wounds and would vigorously oppose anybody who seeks to divide the community further.