Chappelle Isn’t Cancellable, And You Shouldn’t Be Either

Comedian Dave Chappelle isn’t able to be canceled. The same people who cheered during the Chappelle Show are the same ones trying to cancel him now.

When Chappelle became the greatest comedian of all time, he was praised for his edgy approach because it was funny. It highlighted hilarious aspects of race, racism, and culture. He told plenty of jokes against White Americans, but he pushed the White American culture away from him at no point. Chappelle always kept all cultures close by and used phrases in his jokes like his “White friend” and similar phrases that didn’t ostracize a culture but told the audience he lived through situations that gave him the perspective.

While telling a story about his White friend, Chappelle said, “He didn’t know he couldn’t race while intoxicated with ‘We’re not gonna take it blasting from his car.’”

Now, after “cancel culture” tried to kick him out of comedy, Chappelle strikes back.

The only group that has come after Chappelle is “the T’s,” as Chappelle refers to them, or Transgender people as everyone knows them by. After Netflix released Chappelle’s “The Closer” special revealed that Chappelle told a story about his friend that was Transgender, the internet exploded, and protests were held outside of Netflix.

Chappelle’s story was touching. It showed the struggle of the Transgender community and how hard it can be to live that lifestyle. Chappelle’s friend committed suicide, and he announced that the daughter of his deceased friend has a trust set up by Chappelle, and he truly is giving back to the people who have affected his life. Chappelle said he was overturning the conviction of the daughter and said, “I knew your father.”

He offered to sit down with whoever wanted to discuss the matter with a couple of expectations. One, they have to watch his special before sitting down with him. Two, they meet where Chappelle wants to, and three, that anyone involved has to admit that Hannah Gadsby, a transgender Netflix star, isn’t funny.

Yes, that’s hilarious and moving at the same time.

Chappelle’s entire career has been on his terms. When Viacom tried to up Chappelle’s contract for the Chappelle’s Show, he backed out and quit. Chappelle has a story he’s told before where he gave someone a joke at a comedy club, and they screwed him over. He said that he learned from that moment not to trust other comedians and be careful what he does.