Celebrities At The 2021 Met Gala ‘Ripped’ For Not Wearing Masks

The Covid-19 mandates are class-based. At the Met Gala, the only people there that had to wear a mask were the ones who were serving celebrities and politicians. It’s a disgusting show of “we’re above you” that slaps every citizen in the face.

Regardless of your personal opinion on the Covid-19 mandates, you have to point out the glaring hypocrisy. The richer you are, the fewer restrictions you have. It has been the case since the beginning of the pandemic, and the Met Gala isn’t the only circumstance where this has happened. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has got a business to open against state and local restrictions, and while not wearing a mask, which was also a restriction, she got her hair done. She then blamed people for “setting her up.” Still, when the business owner reacted, she told the media she was distraught that Pelosi had done this and knew nothing about it until she reviewed the camera footage.

Pelosi has also had several gatherings where restrictions, or at least her suggestions, weren’t followed with no regard for holding herself to a standard that she wants everyone else to be held to. Pelosi has tried to get the Capitol police to arrest House representatives for not wearing a mask on the House floor while the Senate didn’t have the same mandate. Meanwhile, Pelosi took her mask off to pose for a picture during her restriction.

At the Met Gala, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wore a dress that cost well over $10,000 and paid for a ticket that cost $35,000. It gets interesting when you read the dress that said in bright red letters, “Tax The Rich.” AOC should have just put “Tax US” because she’s obviously “The Rich” part of that statement.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian wore a dress that covered her entire body, and it was black. It may have been a tribute to the women living under Taliban rule where they don’t have the same rights as men, but who knows.

This pandemic has exposed every single hypocritical politician for who they are. Whether on the right or the left, they’re all being exposed one by one in the media and on social media platforms. The truth about politicians is that they primarily only care about their paycheck and their power. No decision is made without consideration from either of those things. If it doesn’t give them more power, then it gives them more money and vice versa.

It’s funny, though, or maybe not, that children who are proven not to contract have severe symptoms or die from Covid-19 at nearly the same rate as adults. Still, they have to wear masks at school, but these politicians and celebrities don’t have to, and in AOC’s case, she puts a mask on for a picture but takes it off as soon as the picture is done.

This type of behavior will be the downfall of the Democrat party. More and more of them fall, and they’ll continue to fall as more are exposed.