Carlson Tells Beck Media Determined To ‘Suppress The Truth’

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson told radio host Glenn Beck this weekend about his concerns that Washington D.C. and the national media are working together to suppress what he describes as the truth.

Carlson told Beck, also formerly of Fox News, that “no one in Washington or in the media” was “ever outraged by a lie. He also said that true statements cause people to become “hysterical and call for your murder. And certainly, call for your de-platforming.” 

“The media are completely determined to suppress the truth,” he said.

The popular host also stated at the FAMiLY Leadership Summit that Congress provides “no oversight at all” over what Beck described as the “Deep State.” 

Carlson further said that the House and Senate intelligence committees were “controlled by the intel agencies.”

Carlson told Beck that he was concerned about the number of federal agents who were at the protests at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. “Maybe this is a series of accidents,” Carlson said. 

He further said that there were efforts to stop asking questions about the events of that day. “You use the results to strip people of their constitutionally-guaranteed civil liberties and to tell a tapestry of lies that changes American society.”

The former Fox personality has received considerable attention since his departure from the network. Carlson and his team rebuilt a studio in a former barn on his Maine property for his next venture.

The host’s new program, “Tucker on Twitter,” received millions of views and follows a similar format as his former cable show.

Furthermore, Carlson hosted a forum with a number of Republican 2024 contenders this weekend. The event received considerable attention, especially as the host pressed the candidates on a number of issues, including foreign policy.

During the event, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said that the United States’ top foreign policy challenge is China. He cited Beijing’s economy and “ambitions.” 

DeSantis cited an effort to block Chinese-funded educational programs and ban “any purchase of land” by the Chinese Communist Party in his state.